August 31, 2015


Newport Hills


Sister Sarah Baker

"Bang Head Here"

So. Y'all are going to laugh at me so hard. Everyone remembers last October when I gave myself a concussion by hitting my head on the freezer door, right? Well, I was on an exchange this last Friday when I was getting something out of the fridge and I stood up too fast and I hit my head on the freezer door. Really hard. Then I burst out laughing because when I looked at the fridge, there was this red magnet that said (I'm not joking) "Bang Head Here." :D Anyway, Friday night my head started hurting really bad and it hasn't gone away so I had to go see the doctor today. But good news! No concussion! I'm all good! Don't freak out! No, seriously. Everyone here kept freaking out until I went to see the doctor. I was even on President Ellis's "Call Today" list on Saturday, and he ended up giving me a priesthood blessing. They take good care of us. Our ward mission leader knew a few doctors because he somehow works with them (I'm not really sure what he does) so he called a friend and got me in first thing this morning. But she said it's just a bruise and the headache should go away in a few days with advil and a few good nights' sleep. It was pretty fun trying to explain what exactly happened to my head though. And Chris, one of our awesome investigators, sent me this text this morning, "I hope your head is feeling better today and all went or goes well with the visit to the medical people. They are having a sale at REI this week do you want me to pick you up a helmet for when using the freezer box? :)"  I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

So Paul has not been baptized yet. He is still struggling to stop smoking, and since he works the stock market, he had a pretty busy week this week. Poor guy hardly slept. But fortunate for him, his job is to help other people clean up their messes when they lose a lot of money, so it was a really good week for him. Just busy. But he is determined to get baptized soon! He just needs a little more time, a little more prayer, and maybe a bit of pixie dust ;)

Scott is also doing great! His girlfriend Justine is out of town, so he wants to wait until (hopefully) Sept 12 to be baptized. But he made a good friend in the ward this week, so that was awesome :) Almost nothing makes us missionaries quite as happy as when the ward members start to actually fellowship and befriend investigators and less actives rather than just say hello and then forget about them.

Palmer has started coming to institute with us and has also (finally!) made a few good friends at church! We were ecstatic when we texted her on Saturday and she told us she was actually busy hanging out with Michaela all day :) Miracles happen.

Music! I've been happy to have a lot of music this week :) I am practicing to play a piece on my flute for a devotional soon, and I'm going to sing a duet of Amazing Grace with Sis Shober in a couple weeks for a baptism! I think the coolest musical time of the week, though, was when I was on an exchange with Sis Hixson. We knocked on so many doors Friday night, but eventually a woman named Faith opened her door and was happy to talk to us. She shares a lot of beliefs with us, and we had a wonderful conversation for half an hour. We ended up inviting her to pray about learning more about the Book of Mormon because she didn't want to read it, but had read Christian materials about it. We explained to her why she should learn about it by reading the book itself by explaining that if you wanted to learn about Biology, you wouldn't go to a Chemistry book. That seemed to make a lot of sense to her, and she enthusiastically agreed to pray about it because she truly believes in prayer. We ended by singing (yes, we stood on her doorstep and sang to her) "Have I done any good?" The Spirit was with us, and we held hands and prayed with her before we left. It was a wonderful night.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! We see miracles everywhere! I love y'all a lot and I really love hearing from you!
Sister Heather Bambas

Sister Heather BambasCalifornia Irvine Mission
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