October 19, 2015


Maxcanu Mexico


Hermana Castro

Week 75: 3 More Weeks.... and Counting!

This week was pretty good, we worked hard getting to know the ppl in Maxcanu all of the less actives and the actives (there’s only a few that are really active... which is the sad part...)

This week we had interviews with President... well my companion did. I didn’t bc on my last Monday (or the last Monday I have b4 I come back home) is when I’m going to have my last interview and a blessing from him, so that’s why I didn’t have an interview this time bc I’m going to be interviewed in like 3 weeks.

3 weeks???!!!! That sounds soooo crazy right??? Sometimes I can’t even believe it myself. The time is just flying by wayyyy too fast. And it’s kinda sad that I only get one transfer to get to know the ppl of Maxcanu and to work here. I think that’s one of the hardest things for me to be here bc I already love this little town and even more, all the members soo much. We are such a small group of faithful members and it’s going to be sooo hard to leave them behind and go back home after this humbling experience that I’m having. And even though I know it’s going to hurt when I leave and be super hard, I’m trying to give my best and love them with everything.

Our first week here we found a family of 4 that are soo ready to get to know the gospel. They are called the family Bacab. It’s a mom, dad, and their 2 sons. They are suuuuppppeeeerrrrrr duper humble in everything. In the way they talk, in the way they live, in their work, and their materials. They are a family that truly knows how to be poor AND humble. You can be poor in material things in life, but not humble unto God but this family just gets it. They accepted baptism for the last Saturday that I’m going to be here so I’m pretty excited to see them. They came to the conference and then the next week they weren’t able to come, but that was mainly bc we were both sick that week and weren’t able to visit them. But this week we visited them and they came to church yesterday!!! The dad normally should work on Sundays but he told us that for the blessings that he has seen since they started listening to us (in just this short period of time) he said that he is willing to stop working on Sunday to be able to go to church and to see if he can work extra hours during the week to make up for the money lost that he would be gaining on Sundays. He was true to his word. They all came to church!!! Hna. Castro and I were super excited and the branch is excited to see missionary work coming along here.

Last night Hna. Castro and I taught our first lesson in the program that the church has of being self-reliant to some members that are looking to start their own business. Neither one of us have ever taught one of these classes nor have we dealt with the program, but the class went really good. I learned a lot of stuff of what it actually means to be self-reliant temporally, AND spiritually.

And yeah, that was my week!!! Hope y’all are connected and that I’ll be able to talk to ya guys.

Love you all soo much!!! Give all my love to the family and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces when I get back home!!!

Pics of this week coming soon!

Hermana Perryman


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