October 12, 2015


Maxcanu Mexico


Hermana Castro


Hey guys!!!!! Sorry this letter is going to be like the shortest y’all have ever received from me, but this week, we literally did nothing.

I’ll tell y’all how it went. so Monday as you know we got back from Campeche and then Tuesday we worked like normal but I noticed in my companion Hna Castro that she didn’t have all that much energy and wasn’t walking as fast but we both just thought that it was from our trip to Campeche. Then at night Tuesday, she said that she was cold and I was like, what??!!! Naw man, it’s still really hot outside, (even without the sun, sad I know) but its bc she was running a fever and then she told me that her body had started to hurt. so I took her back to the house early at like 8pm and she went straight to bed and I stayed up that night checking her temp every 2 hrs and putting cold rags on her to keep it down. Long story short, she got Chikungunya what I had like almost a month ago. And so all day she was pretty bad. But then y’all are not going to believe what happened. I GOT IT AGAIN. Not as bad but it started Friday night and then Saturday I had a fever all day and then Sunday I was all good with just some pain in my body. Definitely not as bad as what I had the first time, but it still sucks!! But the dr’s say that supposedly it’s normal. That it’s what this sickness does. That it can come and go randomly bc it stays in your body for up to like 6 months!!! Crazy right!! But I’ll tell y’all more about this amazing Mexican sickness when I’m home in a month, haha. But just know that everything is good and that we are recovering perfectly and plan on working hard this week with less actives and investigators. And we are soo ready to do so bc it’s been a hard week just staying in the house for a whole week!!!

And bad news... bc we stayed in house all week... I didn’t take any fotos... sorry!!! But I promise that this next week I’ll take plenty so that y’all can get to know Maxcanu!! And my companion haha

And so yeah, I got my flight plans this week!!!! yayyyyy!!! To tell y’all the truth, im super excited!!! And man, do I get home late that night. It’s going to be a long day of travel but I’ve been thinking if I should call y’all during my layovers or just be patient and wait to talk to y’all when I get home... what do y’all think?

Well yah, that’s just about it this week!!! I love y’all soo much and I’m happy to hear that things are going great back home!!!!

Hermana Perryman


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