September 28, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer

Week 72: Letter

Hey guys. Sorry for not writing last week. You guys will not believe what a crazy week I have had and for the transfers that I have.

What happened this week all started last Saturday. So just so y’all know, I’ve been sick for like over a week now, but I didn’t want to tell you guys until I was all better, which I am, but I’m now going to be resting for like the next 2 days... sucks, but it’s the dr’s orders. So last week when I told you guys that I didn’t have time to write it was bc I only had time to write y’all and tell y’all that I was doing okay, but really I was sick, I just didn’t want to startle y’all. So last Saturday it started that I got sick with this mosquito disease that’s here called chincongune or something like that. I have no idea how to spell it. but it causes that you have terrible body pain and fever and spots break out in your skin and yeah, basically all day last Sunday a week ago, I was dying (not literally but it sure felt like it) and Monday I was all weak and still a little sick from it and Tuesday, Weds, and Thursday of last week I had to rest and stay in the house, which was the worst thing ever as a missionary, and I just about wanted to scream if I had to see those darn blue walls of that house again, haha and then we started to work normally on Friday and Saturday and I was feeling just perfect and then yesterday we at lunch with the member and we ate something with fish in it and I guess it made my companion and I really, really sick and I’m pretty sure we got food poisoning from it. The thing is the both of us last night couldn’t stop throwing up so we had to go to the hospital at like 12 this morning with a member and my companion got an IV bc she was dehydrated and I was still throwing up but I wasn’t really dehydrated like she was. So all they did was took tests figured out that I have like an infection or something like that and I got food poisoning. So yeah, we got home back to our house this morning at like 3 and we were soo exhausted and my companion wasn’t getting sick anymore but I still kept throwing up until like 6 am. And then I finally got to rest some.

The hard thing about all of it was is we were both sick which means that there was no one to take care of us, which was the worst, haha all I wanted was to be home with you mom and just to take care of me for once. That’s like the hardest part about being in the mission is you don’t have your mom to take care of you when you get sick.

We got our transfers and the sad things is they closed our area which means that they completely took out missionaries from this ward. its super sad that I have to leave a lot of really, really good friends here and my amazing 2 converts but the thing is I just know that I’m going to be able to talk to them whenever I want in 6 weeks when I get home, so that’s the exciting thing.

I’m going to a new area called Maxcanu. It’s pronounced like mash-ka-new. I’m opening the area with my new companion named Hna. Castro from Monterrey Mexico. She almost has 9 months in the mission and she’s pretty excited to kill me here in 6 weeks. I guess this little pueblo is close to Compeche and supposedly it’s like more than an hour away from Mérida. The thing is I’m still here in itzaes. bc were up all night sick, the Mission President’s wife told us that we can’t travel until tomorrow and today I’ve just been sleeping until now when we’ve come to write y’all.
So yeah, tomorrow I start my new journey with a new companion in a little town in the middle of nowhere and to tell y’all the truth, I’m super excited to see how fast these next 6 weeks go. I’m pretty excited to come home and see y’all again!!!! yayy!!!!

So right now I have to go bc we don’t have much time, but like I promised I’ll send y’all pics in just a sec.

Guys, I really do love y’all soo much and thanks for all the support that you guys have given me. Mom, I received Aunt Linda’s package!!! It was amazing to get it and of course she always knows just what I need, so it was all perfect what she sent!!! Especially the popcorn!!! soo delicious. I got a letter from you mom today about what cubs Branch Pres wrote his President. Mom, it was very inspired that you sent that to me bc I needed to hear that story right now, and the lord really does love me and looks after me and knows what I need at the right time.

Love y’all soo much!!!!! I’ll write next week with more news on how things are going in my new area!!!

Hermana Perryman


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