September 14, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer


SO GUYSS..... It’s official... I’ve completed 16 months here in the mission... crazy right??!!! Yeah, is super weird, haha. the funny things is this morning, I woke up to my companion putting a plastic tiara on my head and singing happy birthday to me and I was really, really confused and I told her: “What? It’s not my bday... what are you doing?” and then she told me: “Well, no! But you now have 16 months in the mission!” haha it was probably the weirdest ways I’ve woken up in the morning here in the mission. But the funny thing is, I didn’t even remember it. The sad thing is I’ve just stopped keeping track of the dates, I just lose track of the time haha.

So this week was exhausting. We had something called 8 Principles this week. It’s something as missionaries that we focus on in our teaching and every 3 months we have a week long training on it and this week we had it again. It was my last one... Kinda sad, but that’s probably why I liked it so much this time. But the thing was we had to leave the house at 6 every morning in order to catch a bus that takes like an hour and a half to get to the church building where we have the meetings so we could be there on time. And then the training was Tuesday-Friday from 7:30am-12:30pm. Then we caught the bus again and got in our area at 2pm just in time to go eat with a member. So yeah, it was a lot of early mornings but filled with a lot of learning and relearning things.

Then on Saturday night, I got to see the Cultural Celebration [for the Mexico City Temple rededication] which was amazing!! It talked about the story of the Book of Mormon bc well it basically all happened here and then about how the gospel started here in Mexico and all the miracles. There were some cultural dance numbers which I just loved!!! You guys just have to see their different dances they have with their dresses. It is soo pretty!! and I’ve decided that there has to be some classes that I can take to learn how to dance like that when I’m out in college, so I’ve decided that I’m going to learn how to dance like the Mexicans!! haha
Then Sunday, we stayed all day at the Stake Center to watch the 3 dedication sessions of the Mexico City Temple rededication transmissions. President Eyring was there and Elder Holland and let me tell ya, it was pretty wonderful to see and hear the things they talked about. Plus it was really interesting to see how a rededication is bc I’ve never been to one and the amazing thing is was that my 2 converts from this area were able to come with us and participate!!! How cool right?? To make things even better bc I’m still in the same stake as my other area, Arboleda, I was able to see a lot of the members from my old ward and catch up on things that are happening!!! So that was really fun :)

Today, we’ve decided to go visit a museum that’s like 40 minutes away called Mundo Maya or in English, Maya World. I guess it’s a museum about the Maya culture and history that’s here so in order to have time to do that we’ve decided to write early and then go there :) and I’ll send pics next week.

I pray that everyone has an amazing week and remember to give thanks for all you have. The Lord is an amazing, forgiving, loving, merciful, older brother who is also looking for your love. Sometimes we forget that He looks for our love as much as we look for His.

Le amo [I love Him]!!!

Hermana Perryman


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