August 31, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer

Week 68: Letter

Hmm... Well with this week, WHERE DO I EVEN START??
So many things happened to us... all good things, ehh.... mas o menos, jaja [more or less, haha]. But we are all safe and sound and we came out alive from the week, haha

So I’ll just start with Wednesday, that’s where the week really starts off. So we were having a great day. We had gone to a whole different part of our area (that’s not even part of our area, but that’s a whole other story, haha) that’s like 15 mins away taking a bus. As we were waiting to come back to our real area it started to rain, but like the normal rain that we randomly get every day at like 4pm. This time, I had forgotten to bring a trash bag to put over my bag to protect my books so when we got off the bus, we quickly ran to the house to grab one and y’all would not believe it. In just half an hour of rain, our street had completely flooded and the water and trash and dirt and other nasty stuff from outside had flooded our house. Ugh, it was horrible. So luckily we had stopped by when we had and gotten to the house before the majority of the water had entered in to the house. So we had to pack up everything and put things on the desks and in our hammocks so that nothing important would get wet. It was soo frustrating, but at the same time, pretty fun bc I’ve never had to deal with a house being flooded before, haha. But I’ll just say one thing, I’m glad that they don’t believe in putting carpet here in the houses ‘cause that would’ve just plain old sucked, haha!

Then on Friday there was a 15 bday party for a part member family. We stopped by before it started at like 7pm bc we can’t stay in the party, even if it was at the church bldg. There is a member that knows how to play the drums and has a set and so we decided to play around on it and try and act like I knew what I was doing. but I thought of dad the whole time with his amazing drum playing skills and I just kept thinking that dad would blow these guys out of the water if he played the drums for them, haha. So don’t worry daddy I was bragging about you ;)

Then Saturday came around... THE BAPTISM OF RUBEN!!!! So we got a call in the morning from our Ward Mission Leader that he had gone to the church bldg early to fill up the font, but that everything was locked and that he called the Bishop for the keys and the Bishop told him that WE had the keys. and I told him, that uhh, no. One, why would we have them? And 2 no one has ever given me keys here. So I was like okay, what are we going to do if we don’t have a font? haha But the morning was filled with appointments in centro (the upper part of our area which is far from the church bldg. and may I remind y’all that we WALK everywhere so it takes us just a little but longer to travel to places) so we were stuck in centro up until about 3pm when we finished everything and we speed walked/jogged (with our bags full of books) to the church bldg to fill up the font. As we were walking there I was just praying that something would happen and that everything would work out for the better and that the Lord would help us out on this one. So we walked into the church bldg and you know what we see???? The baptismal door and the door that has the knob to turn on the water are BOTH OPEN. Completely open. I was like what the heck? He told us that they were locked! But at the time I wasn’t really thinking all that much. All I was thinking was how the heck were we going to fill up the font in an hr and a half when it takes like 3 hrs to fill up?!? So we turned on the water and then I was like, okay we are not just going to stand here and do nothing, so we ran to the janitor’s closet and started to fill up all the buckets and we filled up the 5 gallon water bottles that they use here to have clean water and we started to drag them to the font and pour them in there. So we did that for like 40 mins. It was totally exhausting but we got it filled in time for his baptism.
The sad thing was almost no one showed up to the baptism. We had 7 people there, including us. Even though there wasn’t a lot of people, it was a pretty spiritual experience. We felt the Spirit testify strongly.
Afterwards I was talking to our Ward Mission Leader about how we showed up and the doors were unlocked and he told me that he didn’t do anything, that he checked 100 times and they were both locked. It was then that I realized that I had literally witnessed a real miracle. That the Lord helped us just a little bit in the baptism. Even though unlocking 2 doors isn’t anything big for Him to do, but for us it was a huge deal.

I’m just happy to be a part of this gospel and for the opportunity that I have to view miracles every day in my life and the lives of others. I know that God lives as well as his Son.

I love you all so much and thanks for everything y’all do for me! Just 2 1/2 more months and I’ll be able to give y’all a big hug!

Hermana Perryman


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