August 24, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer

Week 67: A dry week in Merida...

Yeah, this week it hardly rained which was the saddest thing ever. I know y’all are thinking “Really Hannah? That’s the best thing to start your letter with is the weather?”... Welp kids, it is. It’s about the most interesting thing that happened to me this week, haha. Sad, I know, but true. We hardly got even a sprinkle all week! Which means we suffered and sweated outside looking for shade all day and having to go to the bathroom like every 40 mins bc we are drinking so much water... Haha we’ve gotten it down pretty well to where we know which members have the better functioning bathrooms hahaha.

Anyways, this week was a pretty normal week, full of lessons and visiting ppl. Just the normal amazing missionary work we complete everyday :) Honestly, maybe it’s for the short amount of time that I have left but it’s just now sinking in for me how amazing it is to be a missionary. Like I knew before but it’s like I’m just now feeling the grand importance of how much power we really do have as missionaries. It’s pretty crazy, just gonna say that one.

Like for example, this week I am soo convinced and know without a doubt that there is no such thing as coincidences in life. This happened about 4 weeks ago when Hna. Argueta and I ended up finding our now progressing investigator Ruben. So this one day we went contacting some references that we had over where he lives. Ruben wasn’t one of him, nor did we even know that he existed. Well we had already contacted the ppl and were deciding on where to go next when out of absolutely nowhere it starts to rain and we are stuck. Outside of Ruben’s house (even though we still don’t know who he is) is just a small over hang on his roof and so when the rain starts, we try to tuck ourselves under it to not get wet, but as the rain starts to fall harder, it’s pointless. As we were laughing and kinda screeching (like Hermanas do at times... haha) he opens his door and tells us to quickly come in (don’t worry, we had a member with us, we don’t randomly walk into a strangers house, haha). So the three of us walk in and tell him thanks and introduce ourselves. As I start to look around (he lives in a very humble "house", it’s just a small room and a bathroom and that’s it) the small room, I see plastered on his wall a tattered pass-along card of the church (the one of Jesus walking out of his tomb) but a little dirty and torn. So being surprised to see it I start asking him about it and he told us that years ago he found it on the ground and said that he thought something was special about the picture so he kept it and put it on his wall. So we explained to him our jobs as missionaries and he accepted a second return date for the next week. Sunday goes by and he doesn’t come to church but we get to the appointment and he’s there waiting for us. From that day, he accepted to be baptized and change his life around. So for 4 weeks he hasn’t smoked, drank alcohol, drugs, coffee, nor caffeine (he even stopped drinking coke which is super surprising bc even the members drink it here). It’s just been such a blessing to see literally a conversion in someone so fast. The scriptures talk about us having a conversion we have no more desire to do evil. That is exactly what happened to Ruben. His desire to do bad things just left him and he’s been a changed person since the first day we met him. The cool thing about it all is he decided he wants to be baptized Saturday. That way on his dad’s bday (his dad died about 3 yrs ago) he’s going to take his name to the temple and do the temple work for him.
So honestly someone could write off that our meeting Ruben was just a chance happening. But to tell the truth it wasn’t. The Lord literally sent us to his house and then sent the rain at the exact moment that we were there and the Lord knew that it was Rubens time to turn his life around and accept the gospel in his life. Hhe used us as his instruments to bless his life and even more, to bless mine.

I love this gospel with all my being. To be able to serve my Lord and Savior for such a short period of time has been more that a blessing to me. It’s changed my life completely. I’m on the path to be the person He needs me to be in order to bless those around me and in turn bless me as well. I’ve come to know the power of the Priesthood is sooo very real. God has in mind EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CHILDREN ON EARTH. He never abandons them. We just sometimes are too blind busy about looking behind us or too busy about the road in front that we forget to see who is beside us the whole way. I love my Savior and for who He is and what he has done for just me and every single person on this planet. He is so very real. So real, I testify of that bc I’ve felt him so close to me during my time here. I wouldn’t trade my time here suffering, crying, laughing, walking, being sick, and many more things for anything this world could offer me. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. For that very reason, I endure and enjoy life :)

Hermana Perryman


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