August 17, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Spencer

Week 66: Letter

Well guys. It’s official. I hit 15 months in the mission this past week.... ehhh... I feel like such an old lady!!!

Really, it doesn’t feel like time has passed that fast. So this means that I only have 3 months left here... what a sad thought... man am I going to miss this place and the pple and the food... hmmm... the food hahaha

But today was transfers which means I only officially have 2 full transfers left. It’s a weird thought I know. But to tell you the news of transfers: Hermana Spencer and I stayed the same and we are still in Itzaes. Which most likely means that I’m going to die here, or that means that I’m going to end my mission here. Which is cool with me bc I have my coolest convert here and there are some really good members who are willing to throw me a going away party, haha but yeah. If I end up dying here that means that I will have been in this area for 4 transfers, or 6 months which is a pretty good amount of time, which means that in all my mission, I will only have 3 areas. Crazy right??

Well, this morning we came to the offices to check for mail (bc the Zone Leaders never do, haha) and I got 2 letters! Still no package, but I’m sure it’s on its way. The letters were from Sam and from mom! Thanks guys, it means the world to me to get something from you guys!!! I still haven’t read them but I will later tonight. :) So yeah, we spent the morning in the offices with Hermana Argueta and other Sister Missionaries and I got to talk and spend some more time with Argueta b4 she went to the mission house where all the dead mishies go b4 they leave for their homes. So that was definitely a good time I had with her. She’s definitely nervous to go home... haha as I can imagine.

Then today we got together with Hna Frost and Hna Siufanua and their companions and we met up to spend some time together again and eat ice cream. It was just like old times and it made me miss being with Hermana Frost again in Arboleda. The thing that Hna Frost and I are going to do is every week this transfer we are asking President to put us together for our last transfer to die happily. We are dying to bc back together again. So for those prayers back home...there’s something special that y’all can ask for me to be with Frosty one more time haha!

This week with the numbers went really well. Our convert Raul is literally coming out with us EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s the coolest thing ever bc we have some really good numbers with the member present lessons that we have to have. And Sunday we only had one investigator in the church and that was Ruben for the second time!! He’s loving it soo much. And he’s learning things suuppppeeerrr fast and is just progressing wonderfully. We took pics with him this week so I’ll send them to you.

So we have been getting a bunch of rain this whole week and supposedly we are to be getting more. I love it!! bc every afternoon like clockwork, at 4 pm it just starts to pour…. and pour…. and even though it gets kinda cold, it feels amazing to me to walk and work in the rain. But at the same time it sometimes makes me want to crawl into my hammack with some hot chocolate and some pan dulce [sweet bread] and just read the scriptures haha.

So yeah, that was pretty much my week. Nothing super-duper exciting, haha. But I’ll send y’all the pics in a sec. Thanks for everything y’all do for me and for the prayers I feel every day.

Hermana Perryman


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