June 29, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 59: Only one more week....

Yeah, I only have this week left of the changes. It’s suuupppppeeeerrrrr sad, I know. I cannot believe that these changes have gone by soo fast. It feels like just yesterday I changed companions, areas, houses, wards, everything but it’s been a good transfer, really. I’ve grown more than I thought I would and I’ve learned so many things here that Heavenly Father knew that I would need for my future. I’ve had to make changes to some things that I just know with all my soul that Heavenly Father knew I needed to make in order to fulfill my greater callings later in life.

Really it surprises me every time I reflect on the mission and everything that has happened and things I’ve learned and done that I just cannot believe that I can’t do this my whole life. haha. Okay it sounds like I’m getting trunky here. Sorry. It’s hard okay! haha It’s bc my companion is dying [Not really. It’s a term used for missionaries about to go home.]. She dies this next transfer so it’s all about preparing her to go home.

Well, to start out this week, nothing really happened. It was a week full of meetings. We as missionaries have something called 8 principles, I think that’s what it would be. But every 3 months we have to have a week of training. It’s 4 hrs every morning for 4 days. 1 hr of training of the principle and 1 hr of practices. it was a little exhausting but I learned a lot and we learned how to put a lot into practice for the area and plus I got to see a lot of missionary friends and the most important I got to spend almost the whole time with Hermana Frost. It was a lot a fun to see her for so much time :) I miss that woman haha

Other than that the only thing that happened was I got to go back to Arboleda for a baptism of an investigator that Hna Frost and I found our first week together in the old area. The funny thing is, she was in teaching for almost 6 months and all of our leaders were telling us to just drop her bc she wasn’t progressing. We both felt like we shouldn’t, so we didn’t, and now look at our amazing work. haha. Pero en verdad [but in truth], it was such a wonderful moment to see her get baptized.

Then on Sunday, FINALLY WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH!!! I DIED OF HAPPINESS. AND HE’S PROGRESSING WHICH MEANS THAT HE HAS A BAPTISM DATE. Really he’s an amazing guy. His name is Raul, 21 years old, and he’s studying, and he’s suuupppeeerr smart. But really, it’s like a given that he’s going to be baptized. it’s just a matter of time.

Later that night we watched Meet the Mormons with the ward. Only a few ppl showed up, but it was still really good. Honestly, I think I have that movie memorized in Spanish. Really, with how many activities we do with that movie, I’ve seen it like a good 10 times in the past 4 months, haha.

That ends this letter. Pics coming soon. Love you all soo much!!! Next week, you’ll have the details on transfers and what happens. Love y’all!!!!

Hermana Perryman


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