June 22, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 58 Letter

Well... this week was pretty tiring to be honest but it was the type of satisfying exhaustion that you can only feel as a missionary. That’s what make this week so great.

This whole week we went to bed a little late bc we’ve been putting extra time in planning on how to reactivate and the efforts we can do. Then on top of that we’ve been getting up at 5:45 every single morning to do an hr of exercise with an 18 old member who wants to go on a mission but can’t right now bc he’s overweight. They told him that he needs to get his weight under control (this was like a yr ago) and finish high school. Well, bc he’s about to turn 19 they allow the men to go out on missions at 19 without finishing high school. So the only thing that he wants is to get his weight under control so we promised him to go running every morning to help him turn in his papers. So this week was fun, very exhausting, but worth it.

Okay so as you all may know, the ward here is suuuupppppeeeeerrrrrr duper tiny. One of the problems that we have is there are literally NO YOUNG MEN IN THE WARD. Okay there is one, but he’s inactive and we are in the process of reactivating him. I don’t know why but since the first Sunday here when I found out that there are no Young Men here it really stuck me and started to bother me. I just thought, what are we going to do here without any young Priesthood holding men?? Maybe it really has been bothering me bc I grew up in a ward where the youth were a big deal esp the Priesthood holding young men to help prepare them for their futures. So for these past weeks I’ve been praying and fasting for inspiration or SOMETHING to help the situation with the young men. So this past week, my prayers were answered.

We were walking past a basketball court when I thought I recognized one of our investigators but it was night time so I didn’t think anything of it. As we kept walking we heard "HERMANAS!" and surely it was one of our investigators and we walked into the basketball court to talk to her and to make a long story short, she started to introduce us to her friends so we started to talk to them all. They are a group of 12-18 yr old boys that a lot of them aren’t even studying right now and to tell you the truth, they seemed like a pretty rough group, just like how any other group of tattooed adolescent group of boys would be. So we started to talk to them and we invited them to play soccer with us this past Friday. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think that they would remember and that nothing would come of it. But Friday night rolls around and we are in the church bld and literally right on time at 6:30 they were there waiting for us and the group had gotten bigger! They had invited other friends and in total there were like 15 young men. So we played soccer with them for about an hr and then they left. The whole point to this story is that out of those 15 young men, we’ve gotten to know 5 that are actually really interesting in listening to us. We haven’t had an actual formal lesson with them, but this we have appts with them.

What I know and testify is that YES, Heavenly Father knows our needs. He knows that I am worried about the situation with this ward and young men. He knows that these young men need direction in their lives and that is exactly what the Gospel offers. Obviously I would just die on the spot if it turns out that we baptize all 15 of them, but my soul will rejoice if we bring just one to the truth.

So that’s about all that happened this week haha nothing super new.

Pics coming soon.

Thanks everyone for everything!!!

Love you all!

Hermana Perryman


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