June 15, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 57: ¡¡¡¡¡TRECE MESES YA CUMPLÍ!!!! [Thirteen months have completed serving]

YA!!!! Yesterday it was official. I’ve passed a year and now have completed 13 months here in the mission. Crazy right???!!!! I’m dying bc from here on out its just downhill bc it goes by soo fast. Not even kidding you guys. It’s super sad to think about. I don’t like being one of the older missionaries here. It feels weird bc when I got here I would look at the missionaries that had time and I would think, man, they know a lot of stuff and they were so knowledgeable and smart and knew how to handle situations, etc. and now I’ve reached that old age, and man I don’t feel anywhere near that. Yes, I have learned stuff, but I still feel like there is sooooooooooo much more to learn that I just don’t have enough time to learn it all or experience it all! It’s sad to think about, but I’m super happy right now and I feel really content and having just a short period of time left it’s making me want to work even harder. You have to sprint and then keep going just a little bit more even when you’ve crossed the finish line.

So this week was pretty fun. It felt normal, we did all the normal things like teach and cry (hehe that was for you daddy) and testify, and be just totally awesome. We did have intercambios [exchanges] with the Sister Training Leaders. That was a pretty fun 2 days. I was with a sister named Hna. Janco who is going home in 3 weeks at the end of the transfer. She’s from Bolivia and we had a blast. I learned a lot from her and things that I will do in my last transfer when the time comes.

We had Stake Conference this past weekend so that was fun. One of the things that we have started to do now is transmit the service to the individual church bldgs so that the members don’t have to travel all the way to the Stake Center. The funny thing was that in Tuesday I got a letter from Pres. Burdett giving me an update on the stake news and the temple. He explained to me that they did that as well in the last Stake Conference and that they had a lot of success, which made me happy to hear.

Hmm... Well with my ward here... It was a little bit of the opposite. So we hit a low record of church attendance yesterday. We had our Stake Conference and literally we had 5 members show up to it and it was even transmitted to our church building so it’s not like they had an excuse of not being able to travel to the stake center. It was pretty chafa but were working on that. At the same time, I am learning soo much on the power and the need of fasting and fast offerings. Never have I ever felt soo impressed as a missionary to fast and pray so much for an area, then the one I’m in right now. I’ve had this impression for these past 3 weeks working here, but never expressed my feelings out loud and the cool thing is yesterday, I received a blessing from my District Leader that finished his mission today and the "theme" you could call it, was about the power of fasting and prayer and how this is the way the Lord communicates with me. It was something very special to hear and to receive a testimony that The Spirit brings revelation. That Heavenly Father does know my hardships here and that he’s listening to me. It was pretty great :)

In the letter he had sent a pic of the temple and wow!!!!!! It is soo beautiful and literally every time I think about it I cannot wait to go home and go visit it. That’s the first thing that I want to do when I get home is go visit the new temple. I’m soo excited to see the many blessings that it’s going to bring to the saints in Indiana.

So that’s about it for this week. Sorry for keeping it short, but pics coming soon!!!! Love you all soo much for the many prayers and support I have received these past months. Y’all mean the world to me!!!!!!!!!

Con todo mi amor de mi alma [with all my love to my soul],
Hermana Perryman


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