June 8, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 56: Week 2 down!

Well, this week was a little... hard to say the least. Number wise, wasn’t that high, but at the same time, the Lord definitely blessed us with results at the end of the week.

So to start off with it all, nothing super major happened this week, except for the awkward thing where I’ve randomly developed the habit of snorting when I laugh. Or maybe I’ve always done that and no one has ever pointed it out to me. Lame. But... awkward to say the least. haha

Well, this week, Hermana Argueta and I really developed a lot together. we’ve become super close and I’ve grown to love this short little Guatemalatecan. hehe. We’ve both made some major goals for her to get her up to the states to start studying and we are working soo hard on her English. She already knew a pretty good amount. Not a lot to where she could have a whole conversation, but that’s our goal. So what’s been really weird is talking a lot of English, but very slowly so that she can come to learn to understand. One of the major goals that we have set is to get her to the states for Christmas. So there may or may not be a Guatemalateca in the house come Christmas time, haha

So in an appointment this week, I had my first real bible bash. It was.... very weird but powerful at the same time. So usually with the ppl here if they disagree they will just say, okay, we don’t believe the same things, but I’m still willing to listen. That’s just bc here the Yucatecans are just plain nice and respectful. But with his man, oh boy was he feisty. He was mainly going at it with my companion but the whole thing was whether the Sabbath Day is Saturday or Sunday. And then it turned into whether or not Moses saw God. It was pretty funny bc we strait up proved him wrong with his own bible, but bc he was just so hard hearted, we still said that it wasn’t true. Basically, it was unproductive bc we didn’t get anywhere with him, but it still felt pretty powerful to testify of the truth and the importance of the Book of Mormon bc the dang bible is confusing sometimes and doesn’t contain the full gospel. We can only obtain the full gospel and full understanding if we have them BOTH.

Another thing that happened to me was I met an old lady from Canada that’s living here in our area that is part of some religious group that opposes the Catholics or something like that. Well basically, she speaks little Spanish and I contacted her in full English. Weird bc it’s been FOREVER AND A DAY since I’ve talked to someone about the Gospel in English and it was definitely super hard to do. But basically she shot me down hard and bashed just about every belief I have. and I definitely got a little mad (not in front of her, but afterwards when I was explaining everything with my companion) bc when I testified of the BOM and other principles she straight up told me that my own testimony isn’t mine and isn’t true bc what the church leaders do is brain wash us all to think the same. Weird right??? But yeah, basically I was like DANG! SO THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO SERVE IN THE STATES, HAHA. That’s is probably the very first time in my whole time here in the mission that I’ve been shot down and bashed at. Pretty cool huh? That’s one of the many things I love here in Yucatan that everyone is super nice, trusting and just all around loving and welcoming.

So I have some good news! Our pdays have changed! They are now and forever will be like so: wake up at 6:30 like normal, exercise, and study and then at 10 we start our pday until 6 pm and then we go back to work. Amazing right??!!! As to what is has been: 6 wake up, get ready bc you have to leave for District Meeting that starts at 8 until 11. Then from like 11:30, bc we always run over time and get out late, to 6 we had to clean the house, wash the clothes, by hand, and that freaking takes FOREVER!, and then go buy food, oh but wait, we don’t have a car so we have to walk 15 mins with all the food, and then we have to write in our free time, there’s like only 1 hr but you can’t really do anything bc there’s travel time you have to put into account with the busses bc there’s nothing to do in your area.
So yeah, needless to say we are all super happy bc this morning, by 10 we had everything done, and we basically had all day to do whatever. It felt suupppeeerrr weird and the best part about it all is pday is totally stress free! Normally you are running around worried the whole time about the time but today we had soo much free time Hna Argueta and I were just wondering around Centro [center] wondering what to do with our lives, haha

Well, that’s it for this week.

I’m doing just great, perfect actually, getting used to the hotness and living it up here in Mérida!!

Love you all! pics coming soon

Hermana Perryman


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