May 25, 2015


Itzaes, Mexico


Hermana Argueta

Week 54: TRANSFERS.... drum roll please.....

Okay guys, I had transfers today. And of course that means running around, stress, a sleepless night, and tears, and chocolate. Yeah. So I got transferred :( I’m super sad about it bc I really, really love the ward I was in. There are the best members and my best converts, every single one of them are amazing. And not only them. But living with my other best friends. Living with other Sister Missionaries can be a disaster, but the Lord knew that with Hna. Frost, Hna. Siufanua, and Hna. Pinguelo it would be a perfect match for us all. Really, I cannot explain to you how close the 4 of us have grown over these past 3 months. Sounds like a short time, and it was looking back on it, but they have been the best 3 months of my mission. With them, we formed a friendship that is definitly lasting after the mission. I wish you all could get to know them and just how amazing they are to me. Even though we aren’t together anymore, we will still see each other in mission mtgs, so that’s a good thing, and most of all, I’m just happy for all of the memories I have been blessed with.

so yeah, so explain what happened with transfers. So we got them last night at like 8. They closed the other area and they rejoined Arboleda again. So it’s bigger so that’s going to be better and means more work. Hermana Frost stayed there and her companion is from Bolivia who has the same time as us. I got transferred to an area called ITZAES. It’s a little hard to pronounce, even I have a hard time with it. But it’s a smaller area. A lot bigger than what I just had in Arboleda 3, but smaller compared to a lot of the areas herein the mission. I’m still here in Merida. I actually stayed in the same stake, I just moved zones in the mission. So the cool thing is at stake conference which we should be having in a couple of weeks, I will see all the members from Arboleda!!! Yay! So I didn’t even go very far. I’m not very sure, but in bus it’s like maybe 15 mins away from my old area.

So since I got transferred, that means new companion! Her name is Hermana Argueta (are-get-uh) that’s how you pronounce her name for all you non Mexicans. haha She’s from Guatemala which is pretty sweet. She’s a short little fire ball basically. She’s got great energy and is a little crazy, but in a good way. She loves anything American, which is really funny. She says she doesn’t know how but she’s going to marry an American and go live in Utah and study at BYU. So yeah, she has a huge desire to learn English, and she told me for that exact reason I was sent to her. She already knows quite a lot, but she wants to learn more and perfect it. Just from being with her for a couple of hrs we get along pretty great and I’m excited for this transfer. Most likely I’m going to stay here again for another transfer and kill her bc she goes home in 2 more transfers. Plus she’s going to help me better my Spanish!! So yeah, that’s the news on changes.

Let’s see....

Oh yeah!!! We had a conference with Elder Bednar this week! It was soo amazing! A great spiritual experience. I learned a lot about the way I listen to the Spirit and being in tune with it and how to take good notes, and not just write down what the speaker is saying. Basically what we did was a discussion with him with question and answers. I didn’t ask one, but the ones that were asked were really good. And he didn’t planch us THAT much, there were some times when he did and it was pretty powerful. It was a really amazing experience we had as a mission. I’ll send the photo of us all with him.

Other than that this week really wasn’t all that eventful. I’m running late bc I actually wrote a lot but I’ll send a couple of pics.

Love you all and thanks for all of your support and love you send me. You mean the most to me!!!

Hermana Perryman

(The cafe Hermana Perryman was emailing from closed suddenly so was unable to upload pictures.)


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