May 18, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost

Week 53: A better week.

Yeah, so this week was a lot better. Well at least number wise. Last week we had like a 20 lesson week but this week Hermana Frost and I decided to push really hard and we hit a 45 lesson week this week. Which is what we should be doing every week, but on a normal week we get like 38 lessons.
The sad part is that we didn’t have any one of our investigators in church yesterday. That was the hard part about it. But we’ve visited them all yesterday and we talked with them and they all had good excuses (like always right?) but we plan on really pushing them to get them to church on Sunday.
So this week is going to be one to look forward to. For one, IT’S THE LAST WEEK IN TRANSFERS!!!!!!!! AHHH. Yeah, who can believe that it’s gone that fast? Frosty and I are pretty bummed out about it. If we get changed, it’s going to be a really hard transition to another companion. We just love each other that much and we just get each other and teach really well together. President knows just how well we work together, so we will see what inspiration he receives for these next months.

But as much as we would love to stay together, we both haven’t trained yet. And we only have 6 months left. So we are both kind of wanting to experience what training is like. But the thing is, I don’t know if that will actually happen bc we are only getting 8 new missionaries in the mission this upcoming transfer. And of those 8 only like 4 are going to be sisters. Then president wrote me today and he told me that the area would be made bigger so it actually sounds like its official that we are going to close the area. So sad, but at the same time, it’s going to be nice to have a bigger area again. I like those a lot better. So if I do stay and have the opportunity to get to know the rest of the ward, I’m pretty excited for that and it would be super fun to do it with Hermana Frost. But at the same time is going to be SUPER DUPER WEIRD going back to living just 2 to a house. Even though it’s a little hard to live in such a small house with 4 SISTER missionaries, it’s also an amazing experience. And I’m going to miss it a lot. It’s going to be really, really quite around here next transfer. But if I do get transferred out of here, I’m praying soo hard that I get out of Mérida. I’m DYING to not work here in the city. I want to go back to a pueblo, which is just a super small humble town. So that’s what I’m hoping for if I get transferred. It’s been a good experience here because I’ve learned that I’m definitly not someone that can live in the city for very long. I’ve only been here for 4.5 months and I’m ready to get out. AND IM NOT EVEN IN THE CITY, CITY PART. I’m on the south side, kind of like on the outskirts. Just too many ppl, bleh. And cars. Too many of those. I would like to go back to seeing more horses in the streets than cars. So next week’s email I’ll reveal what transfers brought. AHHH!!! WHOS EXCITED??!!!!!

The next interesting thing is ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR COMES ON FRIDAY!!!! Who’s ready for a good planching??!!! I know I am... well maybe just a little. haha Naw we are all pretty excited for him to come and see what he has ready for this mission. We have 3 talks that we received from the mission that E. Bednar asked all the missionaries to read in preparation for his coming. I’ll send y’all the copies of them. They are pretty powerful, y’all would enjoy them.

And so being a Sister Missionary and a girl, Hermana Frost and I all of a sudden realized that we have like no good clothes to wear to the conference so we were like what are we going to do? We didn’t want to go shopping for new stuff. Then I had a brilliant idea when a young woman from our ward came out with us this past week. She wore this beautiful yellow dress with white poka dots and I told her I loved it and she said that her mom made it. Well her mom sews super well and I talked to her yesterday and she said that she would be happy to sew Hermana Frost and I dresses for Friday. So right after we finish writing, we are going to go buy the fabric and drop it off at her house. We are super excited to have a new dress and Hermana Ana is super cool for doing this for us!!! I’ll send pics next week!

So yesterday we had a ward activity of a movie watching and we watched MEET THE MORMONS! Legit right? There is a Sister in our zone from the states that had her parents send her the DVD of it and so it’s been going around the zone and basically the whole zone has been having ward movie nights with it. But it was really fun and I think one of the coolest things is watching movies in Spanish. I don’t know why, but I just love it. and I think y’all saw it in the theaters and it features the mom that boxes really well from Costa Rica obviously speaks Spanish and that’s my favorite part bc when you watch it in Spanish, they don’t have to voice translate it so you can hear their actual voices. But yeah, that’s the coolest part. But we decided to buy popcorn kernels and make popcorn for the activity. But a lot more ppl showed up than what we were expecting, so we had to start the movie and just get the popcorn to the ppl as it was being made. Basically we were on a backorder of popcorn and to me it was a lot of fun bc it reminded me soo much of being back at the theater and having those stressful, but fun popcorn rushes. Made me miss my theater gang, haha
So yeah, that’s basically all that happened this week. And don’t be mad but I just didn’t take any pics this week. I just forgot, I know that’s super bad of me, so sorry mom!!!! But I’ll send a couple that Frosty took so y’all can have some.

Love you all soo much and I’ll write next week! Stay safe and keep serving the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength.

Hermana Perryman


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