May 11, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost


Hey, just wanted to wish you mom again a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Yesterday was really amazing getting to talk to you all and finally being able to see Kate and how well she is doing and I was sooo happy to finally see Aidan and meet William. THEY ARE TOO DARN CUTE!!!! You wouldn’t even believe how much I just wanted to reach through that computer screen and just pick them up and give them hugs and kisses and to play with Aidan. He seems like he’s a handful with all that running around, but I just cannot get over his laugh!!!!!!! It was soo cute!! You can ask Hna. Frost. Yesterday night I just couldn’t stop talking about them to her. I bet she was tired of me going on and on about them. So Kate, just a heads up, when I get home, you probably won’t see your kids for like a week bc I’m most likely going to steal them for a bit haha.

This week wasn’t really anything special. If y’all don’t know yet, my area here, Arboleda 3, is super, super tiny. And I don’t know why but this week was just so hard to work in it. I’ve just been feeling pretty burnt out. In Izamal, there were always new areas that we were getting to know bc it was soo big that there was just no way that I knew every little street and bc of that it was easier to find new people. But here we have literally been walking the same streets over and over and over again. And after 4 months of seeing the same people and same houses, I guess it just got to me. I mean I love it here in Mérida, but to be honest I think I like working outside of the city better. The people just feel more welcoming. But even though it was a rough week, Hna. Frost and I had a talk about what we need to be doing better and we’ve made goals and are looking forward to a better week.

We had interviews with Pres. this past Saturday and I guess it was good. I talked to y’all what he said to me about sending the endorsements from BYU to him but other than that he didn’t really say anything else. It only lasted like at tops 15 mins. We just talked about the area, the investigators, and the logros [achievements] and didn’t say it exactly, but he said that he will look into making our area bigger. So what I’m thinking and what everyone is thinking is that most likely the area will be closed and will just go back to being Arboleda 2. But that won’t happen for another 2 weeks. We are in week 5 right now of the transfer. So who knows what will happen come transfer time. Oh he also asked me how I was getting along with Frosty and I told him perfectly. And he told me that he can see that. That he’s seen a difference in the two of us in our time together. That we’ve grown close and that we are basically sisters. He seemed pretty pleased with Hermana Frost and I, so I don’t know if we will end up staying together again or what, but I guess I’m ready for whatever.

Other than that, nothing really happened. Yesterday it was pretty funny at church bc it was Mother’s Day and the members kept coming up to me and saying "felicidades!" which means congratulations and at first I was like "uhh... thanks?" and then it happened like 3 other times and I was like why?! I was soo confused, but I guess that’s what they say here to the mothers on Mother’s Day is felicidades. Weird right? But I couldn’t understand why they were doing it to me bc I’m not a mother! Well, not yet. But it’s become a joke between Hermana Frost and the other sisters that I’m going to be the first married when I get home between the 4 of us and the first with kids. So they were just laughing at me all yesterday. It was pretty funny :)

Pues [then]... that’s pretty much it for this week. I’ll be sending pics soon.

I love you all!!!

Hermana Perryman


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