May 4, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost

Week 51: Hay frió ;)

Yeah, this week felt soooooooooo amazing. It even got so cold at night that I got to take my blanket back out from my suite case and sleep with it!!! I’m telling y’all, a hammock is sooo comfy to sleep in (well after you are forced to sleep in it and get used to it. But once you do... there’s no going back haha) but when you sleep in a hammock WITH a blanket, there’s nothing better. Needless to say I slept pretty well this week.
And mom, remember in a Christmas package you sent me, you had sent me a long sleeved tan stripped shirt? Well, bc its sooo hot, I haven’t been able to wear it, but hey, bc it was actually windy and a little bit rainy on Thursday, I got to wear it just one more time, haha. Well, until November when it starts to get a little "cold" again.

This week, nothing really happened. As missionaries here we say "fue una semana chafa" with the numbers, I mean, it was a so-so week. But our success is that we found a new family. It was a reference of a member who told us that she barely remembers the Elders visiting them when they were here in this area. So we decided to go and after yelling (aka using a door bell) she came out and was like, come in! Come in! Like she didn’t even ask who we were or who we were looking for bc when we do a contact, usually the ppl are skeptical. Well, here in the city they are. It’s totally different in the city than it is in the pueblos, like Izamal. But anyways, we were like uhh... okay cool. So we went in and started to get to know her and her sons (they are older) and they are Baptists but had quit going to their church. Why, we still don’t know yet, but they are looking for direction in their lives and the parents, Auora and German are looking for help for their sons bc they are involved with bad influences. They are a great family and we are praying hard that they make it to church this next week.

Friday, we got to wind down the day and play sports with the members. We can play any other sport with them besides fútbol (soccer). And that’s okay with me bc I can’t play that to save my life. But we played volleyball with them for a while and it felt soooo good to just wind down and hang out. And this morning at 6:30 before our district mtg started, we played volleyball again and needless to say, my arms are sore, haha. I even have some bruises forming, which is really sad to say, haha

Other than that, things are going good here. Happy that the weather was cooler this week and hope that it stays like that for a bit. But I know that it has to get hot sooner or later. I mean we are already in May, so it’s kinda expected.

Oh, hey, I almost forgot!! We found a house finally!!! We are hopefully going to sign the contract this week. We just have to find a member to help us sign it bc whoever signs it has to own property here in Mérida. So we are hoping that next Monday we are getting ready to move out. And there’s a good possibility that we might have air conditioning in the new house. That just makes me soo happy!! haha.

Pics coming soon! Love you all sooo much!!!!

Hermana Perryman


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