April 27, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost

Week 50: A very... interesting week.

So this week, to say the least, was just a little bit weird.
So to start off I went to the temple, as you all know on Tuesday, and it was amazing of course. I’m pretty sure I gave all those details to y’all last week.

After Tuesday, we were notified that our Mission President was traveling out of the mission for some conference for Mission Presidents in Mexico so we wouldn’t be able to contact or call him. But the point of me telling y’all this is that the Assistants decided to do a 4-day meeting with our zones. So there is something called 8 Principios [Beginnings] that we have as missionaries that we are to focus on in our work. Every like 3 or so months, we have these training meetings full of talks and lots of practices. So to make sure the mission kept working even though President wasn’t going to be here, they decided to tell us that we were going to have these meetings, on Wednesday, Thurs, Fri, and Sat and each day 4 hrs long, focusing on 2 of the principios each day. I’m not saying that these meetings are bad. In fact, they help us focus more on the work and how we can help our investigators, but the things is I HAVEN’T HAD ANY OF MY STUDIES ALL FREAKING WEEK. It’s killing me. I’ve read the Book of Mormon, but it’s not the same bc I can’t take my time and sit down and deeply study it with notes and everything. And we didn’t have our companionship study which was hard bc that’s the best time to receive revelation for our investigators. But oh well, I’m hoping that this week will be back to normal.

On Thursday we had a baptism!!!! Her name is Alondra Naiomi Herrera Duran. She’s the cutest thing ever and she wrote me the cutest letter the other day saying thank you for coming over and teaching her and bringing the truth to her. And she says that I’m her example and that she can’t wait to become a missionary like me when she’s older. Honestly, I never thought that a 10 yr old child could have such a strong testimony like she does, but she has defended this church even BEFORE she was baptized and she defended it against Jehovah Witnesses. That’s a cool story for when I get home to tell y’all. So yeah, I’ll send pics soon of her and her beautiful face, haha

Hermana Perryman


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