April 21, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost

Week 49: A week full of...CALOR [HEAT]!!!!!

Yeah, basically that’s all my week was. Technically I don’t really need to write anything bc that explains it all. The sun was super-hot. Like I was walking in fire all day and I was sweating every moment in every second and then I died. The end.

Naw it wasn’t really THAT bad but yeah, it’s getting wayyy hot here. And they just keeping saying that it’s going to get worse. Bleh. But hey, I have to work on that Mexican tan right? haha

This week, not a lot happened. We did do something really cool every day and that was INVITE, INVITE, INVITE to baptism, that is. And because of this we had put a date with our investigators almost every day. And we are working with one investigator named Alondra. She’s been in teaching for a while and always goes to church with a family that live next door to her. And she’s soo ready. She’s 10 yrs old. Her parents are just now in teaching, and we are working with them to get them to church and start to change. (I tell ya, sometimes its super hard being a 20 yr old missionary. I’ve never gone through more than half the stuff that some go through and are older than me. But I have to remember myself that it doesn’t matter. They may be older than me physically, but not spiritually. that I have the power and responsibility to guide them through their trials by the Spirit. A lot of times I just feel too young to deal with things and then at the same time I feel like I’m old.... if that makes any sense) but anyways the point to this is that SHE’S GETTING BAPTIZED THURSDAY!!!! You know what she told us last week? That Testigos (Jehovas Witnesses) were coming by and that she was feeling confused but she remembered the restoration pamphlet that we had given her that explains how to pray and ask to know if the message is true. She shared with us her experience of prayer and how when she finished asking that she received her answer through the Spirit bc "He spoke to me in my mind saying ´Yes, it is true´". It was a pretty cool experience that she has, and she’s only 10 years old. But bc of the circumstances that she has grown up in she acts a whole lot older than her age. It’s outstanding and sad at the same time. But I have soo much love for her. I’ll try to find a pic of her and send it to y'all

This past Saturday we had a "day in the mission" activity with the youth in the stake. Young Men of 17 yrs old and Young Women of 18 years but I say they could have just done Priest and Laurel ages but eh, I didn’t organize it, haha. But what we did was meet up in the stake church bldg at 6 am and we started off with an explanation of what the activity consists of. Then we had breakfast and then started in with "capacitaciones" which are like... ugh. I don’t know the word in English. Okay, just looked it up and it means training. And we have this book that consists of 8 principles of missionary work and different companionships we we’re chosen to talk on one subject and then we would do practices after each one. Hermana Frost and I were asked to give the one on the Role of the Holy Ghost in the Conversion. It was fun, haha and after each one of those, we were assigned a youth and she went with us back to our area and stayed with us the whole day until 6 pm when we had to go back to the stake center to close up. Afterwards, my District Leader had a baptism that night there and the youth could see "the fruit of their labors" it was pretty sweet. So they learned what it is like to be a missionary for a day. It was really fun and for you missionaries serving right now, that would be a cool activity to do. Mom and dad you can tell the missionaries in the ward about it and then they can organize to do that with the stake back home. I just thought that would’ve been fun to do before I left on the mission.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Pray that I don’t die this week from the heat. haha. But really. I’m literally drinking soo much water.

Have an amazing week everyone and know that I love and miss y’all and can’t wait for Mother’s Day!!!!

Hermana Perryman


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