April 13, 2015


Merida, Mexico


Hermana Frost

Week 48: Una semana llena de fe en el Señor [A week full of faith in the Lord]

Okay, so to start of.... transfers were today...So we all thought that the area was going to be closed bc a lot of missionaries are leaving this week and we are only getting a small handful of newbies. Since our area is so small, we figured that we would just get put back to one area.

So the verdict is... IM STAYING!!! IN ARBOLEDA 3 WITH HERMANA FROST!!!!!!! Yeah, we are pretty stoked. They didn’t close our areas, so I’m still in this little part of Mérida, but hey, I’m loving it. The ward is really good and I just love the members soo much.

So the cool thing about Hermana Frost and I staying together is that we get to be together for our 11 and ONE YEAR mark. We’ve already started to plan the party, haha. AND if that wasn’t enough, we are together for Mother’s Day on the 10th of May which means that she gets to meet you all and I get to meet her family. We are pretty excited for that one and I’m just excited to see all of your beautiful faces and hear your voices and to see Richard again and to talk about you guys in Spanish to him in front of you all but you can’t do anything bc you can’t understand us... muuaaawwww hahahaha. chiste, chiste. haha but anyways, yeah, I’m pretty excited for that one.

So this week, was very... interesting… and crazy… and tiring... and hot… and just a bunch of things. I don’t have a lot of time to write bc I mostly spent it trying to watch the videos that dad sent me (which are the best things ever and are hilarious...take more!) and cursing Mexico and their sucky computers. Yeah, Heavenly Father decided to test my patience this past half hour. It was hard. Nothing is worse for a missionary to have technical difficulties on a Monday during their writing time. But anyways, so back to this week.

So on Monday, President decides he wants to have a last multi zone conference. Basically, it was 3 hours worth of planching. In Spanish, there is a word, planchar. Literally, it means to iron, but how we use it is to explain like a hard scolding or to chew out someone. So yeah, we had to sit through 3 hrs of that. Wasn’t too bad cause I got to see a lot of my missionary friends, but eh. Basically the end of the conf. he told us that we are to baptize by the end of the week 109 ppl. I don’t know how we did or how many we baptized this week as a mission but as for Arboleda 3 with the Dream Team (of Frosty and Perryman) we had EXITO [success]!
Remember the family Polanco that we have been teaching? Yeah, to make a long story short, PATRICIA (the mom) AND BRISSIA (the daughter) GOT BAPTIZED!!!! And we weren’t even expecting to baptize them until the 18th.

So here’s the story of them, bc is just so awesome. So we go to their house on Tuesday and we invite them to baptism for Saturday after an amazing lesson of the Atonement. And well, Patricia was shocked and told us that she wasn’t sure but that she would pray and ask bc she had already said that she felt like the 18th was HER day to get baptized. So we give her Wednesday and then we go back on Thursday (with the Zone Leaders who are the Elders in our ward as well so that they can interview her) and the first thing she tells us is that she had received a sign that she is to get baptized on Saturday. What had happened is that her sister in law (who is a member since she was a kid) called her Thurs morning and just randomly asked if she was getting baptized this weekend but the thing is that we hadn’t told anyone about her date being changed and neither had Patricia. So we don’t know how her Sister-In-Law found out about the possibility that she would get baptized on Saturday. Well, I know, bc it was the Spirit that prompted her to make that call. So yeah, that was Thursday.

Friday, we had an Easter activity with eggs which was super fun bc the members had never done an Easter egg hunt bc they don’t do those here. But yeah, pics are coming soon of that. But we did have an egg toss and we used real eggs, and that was a pain in the butt to clean up afterward and really gross...

But anyways, so Saturday, well, was just plain ole stressful. we were running around trying to get the program together, go to our appointments that we had already made, trying to find clothes to use from members (bc our ward doesn’t have baptism clothes... yeah, a pain.) and yeah. So we had called that morning and verified that a member was going to fill the Baptismal Font. But what do you know? We get there an hour before it’s supposed to start, AND THE DANG FONT WASNT FILLED! AGAIN! It happened last time with Eduardo. So we quickly cleaned it and filled it. I’m just thankful that it fills fast. And bc it's soo hot outside that it’s okay if the water is cold. But yeah, when it all came down to it, we started (well just a little later than scheduled, but hey, we were on Mormon Standard Time, haha) and it all went perfect. The cool thing about it was that EDUARDO BAPTIZED HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER. He received the Priesthood on Friday right before the activity started. He wasn’t supposed to get it until Sunday but he had already had his interview and we asked if he could get it to baptize his family, and then he got it. He asked that we were in with him and his wife when he received it. It was pretty amazing. It’s been soo amazing to see his progress.

So yeah, we baptized 2 more of the Polanco family and we are still working on the last 2, Isabel and Israel. I’ll update y’all on them later.
But we ended this transfer strong and we are going into it even stronger.

So that was my crazy week that I had. How was y’alls?

So bc we all thought that our area was being closed, the Elders told us to stop looking for a house. And look at what we have to start with again. They planched us today for not having a house, even though they told us to not look for one. And so we have to have one by the end of this week. So I’m asking for the prayers that we will find one and that we can be in it by next week.

So some sad news... Hermana Smith, my mom and best friend here in the mission, went home today. She has ended her mission. It’s sad bc I won’t be able to see her in meetings or anything anymore, but we have plans to meet up and eat ice cream, haha

Well, have to run, but a few pics are coming soon.

Love you all and thanks for everything!!!

Hermana Perryman
(Hannah had internet problems so there aren't pictures this week)


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