June 12, 2014


Provo MTC


Hermana Frost

Week 4 Letter (week 3 according to Hannah's email)

Well, as you can obviously see from my aspiring subject, I can't even remember what week I am in and my Hermanas aren't a help either bc they can't remember either. So yeah, if it hasn't been obvious in my previous emails, all the days here seem to blend together. I feel like I have been here for 7 months already. Everyday feels like a week and every week seems to feel like 2 months. Seriously though, it’s really bad.

Anyways, so this week I guess was good. Nothing really special happened at all. ‘Cause you know, I'm living it up dangerously and on the edge out here in Utah in the CCM. Not. But really though, I loved the packages I got from you Mom this past weekend!!! And I love all the surprises of the bracelet, earrings, and the gel shoe inserts. I don't know how you knew that I needed those shoe thingys but I did and I opened the package and there they were! You rock mom! And I wear the jewelry every day bc it's all so pretty. I haven't gotten the change though to go to the alterations department, but I will this afternoon since its P day and I MIGHT for once, have some extra free time.

So I'm just going to go through my week and tell you some of the highlights:

1. When I got your packages mom. Seriously I was bragging about how great of a mom you are and how lucky I am to have you to everyone in my district and they all love you by now, I'm sure of it :) Oh and I sent you (Mom) the package back with the skirt I'm not keeping. I did that this Monday so you should be getting the package here within the end of this week.

2. When I was in class taking notes in my big notebook, I turned the page and I see a hidden letter from Paisley! It was the coolest thing every to get in the middle of class and it made my day! And then I was flipping through the rest of the notebook and I found one from Brooke Hovermale as well! They really are the best of friends and I love them a lot :)

3. My companion’s boyfriend just got here to the main campus MTC last Wed so Sunday and yesterday at the devotionals (since we go over there to the main campus) we got to see him. It was really kinda weird to see them interact in a "professional" way. Yeah, I'm kinda glad I'm single, not gonna lie. To have to worry about everything you have to do as a missionary AND a relationship... yeah, no. I'd rather not. So advice to all of you missionaries headed out: DON'T BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WHEN YOU REPORT (comment from Dad: Hannah's warning does not apply to potential senior missionaries).

4. So Monday during our study cycle, our District Leader, Elder Travis (he’s a cutie. I'll send a pic of him [pictures are below]) calls a random district mtg and says that we need to talk as a district and have everyone talk about at least one thing that is bothering them about anything. So it was very quiet for a long minute so I decided to start and I shared how the past few days I was feeling a bit discouraged bc I felt like I was really inexperienced with "life" if that makes any sense. I felt like I was inadequate to really connect with people and help them out and give advice. But they gave me some really good words of encouragement that helped lift me up. So after me, we all just went around in a circle and by the time Hermana Kite started to tell her story and then Elder Travis went last it was all just one big cry session. To hear some of the trials and hardships my friends here have had to go through (and they are only 19 or 20) is really heart breaking. But afterwards I felt like our district has become so close to one another and that we are now more than ever committed to supporting one another. So yeah, Monday night was pretty emotional for me.

5. Last night, was really good with the devotional we went to. Elder Cook talked to us and it was really good, but I feel like the most spiritual part about the devotional was the choir performance. As you know, I sing in the choir and the song we sang was Joseph Smith's First Prayer. And it was just so amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly.

So yeah, that was my week.

You guys said that you wanted to know what my day was like on Saturdays. So here goes. Absolutely nothing. It's just the same as every other day. We get up early, eat breakfast, go to class for 3 hrs (maybe teach our investigator) go to gym, eat lunch, then class for another 3 hrs (maybe teach another investigator) dinner, then study cycle where you plan for the next day and study for your investigators and lessons. And that's it. Really nothing super special.

So I sent a letter to mom and dad for father’s day in the mail last week so I'm hoping you either got it yesterday or today.

So yeah, pics are coming soon since I didn't send any last week.

Love you all and can't wait to hear from you soon!

Hermana Hannah Perryman


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