September 10, 2018


Colima - Centenario


Hermana Torres

Guadalajara, Gudalajara...

Welp next week is transfer week and I am almost 90% sure that I will be here in Colima with a new companion. My companion is going home on Monday, and I am so excited for her. We have had a very busy 6 weeks, but I have honestly enjoyed every second of it. This past week we went to Guadalajara two times! Once on Thursday for a leadership´counsil and again Saturday to go to the temple! It was the second time I have gone to the temple here in Guadlajara (and had everything in Spanish). I loved it, and I love the temple. It was fun to go with our whole ward. Wednesday was a GREAT day because one of the families here had their daughter come home from her mission. So they planned this huge surprise party for her. They asked us if we could help them distract her while they sent up the party. My companion and I DIED because who in their right mind wants to go to visit people with the missionaries on their FIRST DAY HOME. We both said that we would never do that so we were preparing ourselves that she would say no. But we got to their house and invited her out with and she said yes haha!!!! It's a sign that she was a really good missionary haha. When we got to the the church she was so surprised. She had no idea that they were planning all that. Seeing her come home and my companion preparing to go home makes me really happy that it's still not my time haha! On Friday we had a BAPTISM!!! Hermana Paola got baptized and it was such a special day. Her husband is a member (but was inactive) so we thought he wasn't going to be able to baptize her. Last minute before we were about to start the bishop pulled him in for an interview. He walked out with the biggest smile on his face and gave us a big thumbs up. Literally my heart jumped out of my chest I was so excited for them. It was a bautiful baptism, and I am so happy for them. Sorry for writting so much! I feel like so many things have happened and I am only giving the highlights!
Love you all!
Hermana Lindsay


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