November 3, 2017




Hermana Cook

Dia de los Muertos

Hola family and friends!!!! 

Thanks to all that replied to my last email! I don't have time to reply to each of you, but I read all your comments, and I appreciate all the love and support! 

I have officialy been here for just over two weeks, but here in the CCM I am almost done with my third week! Crazy to think that I am almost half way done with my time here. I have learned so much since I have gotten here, and I can already feel myself growing and changing into a better person. Hermana Cook and I are teaching two investigators (in Spanish of course) and we killed it yesterday. David (who is actually our teacher just pretending) is very lost and confused with his purpose. He feels like he prays and recieves no answer. This was our second lesson with David and we taught him how he could recieve an answer to his prayers. At the end of the lesson our teacher asked how we thought we did and we were like ummmmmmmm good? And he said we did amazing! SO amazing that he almost started crying in our lesson! We comfirmed him to baptism and we were so excited! We asked how the Elders lessons went and they couldn't even get David to say a prayer haha! SO, even though my Spanish is not great, it really does not matter! What matters is that I am trying, and I know that God gave me the words to say. The gift of tounges is real. 

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Here in Mexico we celebrate Dia de los Muertos. We didn´t do anything special really but we did get to try Pan Dulce! OK, IT'S SO GOOD! WHY ARE THERE NOT A MILLION MEXICAN BAKERYS!!!! Seriouslys guys. Amazing. 

We were able to go to the Mexico CIty temple last week and it was amazing! Leaving the walls of our little safe haven was a little weird, but so worth it. This morning all of the missionaries going to Mexico took a bus to the Immigration Office, and it was SO nice. The city had lots of cool decorations up for Day of the Dead and it was soo cool to see what the city is actually like! Here are just some other random things that happened this week in bullet form...

1. An Elder in our zone ate a piece of bread with A WHOLE JAR OF NUTELLA ON IT. Super gross but also very impressive. 
2. When I was at the store I thought cough drops were gum... Lets just say I was very disappointed haha! My companion cries every time someone brings it up because she thinks it's sooooo funny.
3. The food here is gross, so I eat cereal at almost every meal. So, it was time for my nightly bowl of cereal and me and some elders were going to get some at the cereal bar. Right when we walk up this lady turns it around so we can't get any! We were soooooooo sad! Our faces were pathetic haha!!! 

I love you all! 

Hermana Lindsay

p.s. Pictures aren't working, so next week I'll send some. Love you guys!


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