September 4, 2017


Hamilton, New York


Sister Megan Armstrong


Hello family and friends!!! This week has been pretty low key, but still went by WAY too fast.

In the month of September, our mission is making it a goal to "Flood the Earth" with the Book of Mormon! In only 4 days, we have already seen miracles from focusing on this incredible book! All of our finding efforts are going to be focused on properly placing Book of Mormons wherever we can! We have all set goals to reach by the end of the month, and we have also invited all the members of the branch to get involved as well!

When: Month of September/forever
Why: Because everyone needs the gospel! We have an incredible tool in our hands (BOM), the evidence that this is Christ's church and that we have a living prophet on the earth. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
RSVP: After you have made an attempt to share the BOM, either in person or shared a favorite verse on social media, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me the miracles that you see! I know they will come. I've seen it happen in my life and as you share the BOM, you will come to know with greater certainty that God loves you and that Christ is our Savior.

I wanted to share a super cool experience I forgot to mention last week! Last transfer, we went on exchanges with the New Hartford sisters and I met one of their investigators, Richard! Richard is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! He's an older man who lost his wife a couple years ago and he kept saying he would get baptized, but only on his wives birthday, December 6th. The sister I was with told me that we were going to try and get him to move up his date by asking him all the baptismal interview questions and showing him how prepared he was! While we went through the questions, the spirit told me to ask a particular question that frankly, old Hannah, wouldn't have asked in a million years! too awkward and too personal of a question. But AGAIN the spirit prompted me to ask him this question and as I did, he told us he had an issue that he needed to clear up and that he would work on it! Well, I was able to see Richard get baptized on August 6 when I was in Utica for a meeting! This last week on exchanges, I got to see Richard again and I asked him what had changed his mind and why he moved his date up! He said it was that question I had asked! That he didn't realize it was a problem and when he had cleared it up, he knew he needed to get baptized sooner. Now I don't say this to praise myself AT ALL. This is the Lord's work and that was the spirit telling me exactly what Richard needed to hear at that time. My prayer that night was full of awe and gratitude to the spirit for guiding me and giving me the courage to ask that question. IN OUR OWN LIVES, the spirit can prompt us to do certain things: give up bad habits, not watch a certain TV show, talk with your parents about something you struggle with, etc. FOLLOW THOSE PROMPTINGS. Pray for courage that you will have the strength to follow them, and then do it! The spirit can help us to be more than we currently think we are capable of becoming.

I Love you all so much! Good luck to my Provo peeps who start school this week! My prayers are with you all haha

Sister Beags


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