August 21, 2017


Hamilton, New York


Sister Megan Armstrong

Plot Twist: Car Fast

Hello friends!!! This week has been jazzy to say the least!

First things first, I wanted to share about another 8:55 miracle we saw this week! One very, very humid night, I was saying how I wanted some ice cream when we got home because I was sweatin'. (BTW the ice cream in New York tastes better, not sure why) We were just walking around town for the last 10 minutes of the night (#obedience) and I had the feeling to go down this random street to add some time to our walk. We did, and this car pulls up next to us really slowly and creepily. This familiar voice out of the car says "You guys like Peanut Butter?" Then a branch member, Brother Duclose, holds out the most beautiful thing I've ever seen: A pint of Ben and Jerry's 'Peanut Buttah Cookie Core' ice cream. Tender mercy? I think yes!

We found out at District meeting (Wednesday) this week that our mission would be holding a 'car fast' and no one would be allowed to use their cars on Friday. This came from an Elder who ran out of miles and while being forced to walk, they picked up 20 new investigators!!! Our whole district was SO MAD because we had only 2 days notice to find rides to obscure locations in our areas!!! On Fridays, my comp and I usually go out to a village called Waterville that's about 20 miles away and we ended up not finding a member who could take us! We were a little frustrated because we had to cancel our appointment up there but we kept praying for a miracle to happen or at least something!!! Of course Friday was the hottest/most humid day I've had here in New York lol. We had one of our investigator families basically drop us, and the night was progressively getting worse! I was praying so hard guys!! I wanted to be guided to do the Lord's work and I wasn't feeling anything. My comp was getting frustrated and my normal jokes weren't helping her so I quickly said this prayer. "Heavenly Father, I need your help! ASAP." Haha he hears all prayers right??? CORRECT. I had the feeling to go visit a family we hadn't seen at church for a while! We usually don't do that between 6-9 but I felt positive we needed to try them. We went over and saw the kids for a second when their 9 year old son, Preston, says "Wait a second, I haven't been baptized yet and I want to do it on September 8!" WHHHHAAAATTTTTTTTT. It took a freaking car fast and about a MILLION silent prayers to find this sweet little boy who had somehow not been put into the church records because of a complication/divorce when he was born! No one knew that he hadn't been baptized and he's ready!! We are probably going over there every day(even p days if need be!!) until the 8th when he hopefully will be baptized! This car fast taught me a lot and although it totally threw us off our groove, that's what it took for us to find this boy! MORAL OF THE STORY: Sometimes the Lord throws things in our path that throw us completely off! They push us and force us to think of ways to do something maybe a little out of our comfort zone. THIS IS GOOD. Repetition can cause us to stop growing! When we mix things up a little bit, the Lord can provide us new opportunities to grow (build our ladders)!! SO cool.

I love this mission people. I have learned so much, grown closer to the Lord, and met some of the coolest/greatest people ever. Anyone considering a mission, DO IT. I love you all!! I hope school starts off strong!
Sister Beags <3


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