July 24, 2017


Hamilton, New York


Sister Megan Armstrong

Return and Report

Well my friends, it would've been impossible to top last week, but this week was still good!!

On Friday, we had Return and Report! This is where all of the new missionaries that came out together come back to the mission office with their trainers and get to talk to President and all the fun things!! It's basically a huge "how ya doin?" meeting. SO I saw all my MTC peeps and IT WAS SO SO GREAT!!! We are all really overwhelmed/so happy/every emotion you could ever feel!! It was good to see some freshies and know that we all feel the same haha. One thing that I loved that we talked about at our meeting was the idea of being 'Successful' in the mission. We have mission standards/goals that we hope to reach every week, but there's no punishment if we don't because guess what?? There's always next week! And then the next week. I also realized, talking with everyone else form different areas, that my area is one of the slowest in the mission...and I'm not going to lie, it dampened my spirits a little! But 'success' in this mission (or in this life) doesn't come from numbers (or money!). Success is measured in how we personally are doing, how much of an effort we are giving, how much we have improved!!! This is a quote from Harry Potter (lol) that Dumbledore says when Harry freaks out in Movie/book 2 about becoming evil. "It's our choices, Harry, that show who we are far more than our abilities." THIS IS SO TRUE. You want to know if you are successful??? Look at your choices. Did you help anyone in need today? Did you do your best? Did you follow that prompting to call your friend? Are you making the best choices possible that will bring you closer to the Lord?? And if not, THAT'S OKAY. Going back to Harry Potter for a second, Harry didn't always make the best choices (Cho Chang was gross, seriously Harry?) BUT in the end, (I won't spoil anything) Harry's ultimate choice decided what the outcome of his life would be. If you aren't happy with where you are at right now, fix some of your choices, and start there!! Also keep praying because that's important too! Harry could've used more prayer if you ask me.

I also wanted to share a little bit about an experience we had with an older lady named Donna! Any of you who served missions know that there is a magical book that has peoples names who have previously been taught by missionaries before us! We found Donna in there with the words "Do not pick her up again" in big red letters!....We picked her back up (actually my comp did) but we go and visit and read the Book of Mormon for her because it's message is for all people everywhere! We knocked on her door, no answer. We were about to leave, walked across the parking lot of her apartment place and my companion literally just turns around without saying anything and starts waking back. I'm like 'hey where ya going there pal?' She mumbles something I couldn't hear and as we walk back where we just came from, Donna pulls up in her car! It was PERFECT timing and I'm so glad Sis. Armstrong listened to the spirit tell her to turn around. ANYWAY, we helped Donna carry some things inside, sat down, and I had the impression to ask her if she needed something specific for us to read today. She launched into a huge life story (People here LOVE to talk) and told us her struggles and how her Significant Other had passed away and it really changed her life. Now, I kid you not people, I had the STRONGEST feeling come over me during her talk and I knew exactly what her needs were, what chapter we needed to read, what questions to ask, and everything I needed. IT WAS SO COOL. We read 2 Nephi 4 with her. I won't spoil the whole chapter because I want you all to read it, but Lehi passes away and in this trial for Nephi, he is slammed by doubt/fear/sin from the adversary. He realizes all the mistakes he's made and he's super depressed. BUT, his heart is now more open to the Lord because of this trial and he says in verse 19 "I know in whom I have trusted." POWER STATEMENT. Nephi then testifies of his love for God and the Lord for the next 15 verses! Donna was crying at the end and you better believe Sister Beagley was crying as well. She realized what the Atonement of Christ could do for her.

I want to just finish by testifying of the truths found in 2 Nephi 4!!! When we let doubt/fear creep into our hearts, we are setting ourselves up for failure! When past things come to your remembrance, things that you are not a part of anymore or have repented about, or things that you still need to repent about, instead of becoming worried or scared, REMEMBER IN WHOM WE HAVE TRUSTED. God gives us opportunities EVERY DAY to become better, become 'successful', to turn to Him!!! Remember the experiences you have had, remember all the times you have cried out in prayer needing something, anything from Him, write them down!!! So when these times of trial come, we can have our trust in Him be our pulley back to happiness! The Lord has already Atoned for everything you will ever go through and He is waiting for OUR trust so he can help and bless us. I know that is true.

I LOVE YOU GUYS. Keep things fresh in Idaho/P Town.

Love from the East,

Sister Beagley


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