July 3, 2017


Hamilton, New York


Sister Megan Armstrong

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Wellllll here we are people!!!

I am in the beautiful village of Hamilton, New York! It's incredibly green, humid, and rural! It's rained almost every day here, but every day feels wet when you walk outside soo it's basically a BOGO sale! My hair has decided to become half straight half curly so I'm starting a new trend and if you want to follow suit, I would highly recommend. Probably 90% of the people here are really nice to us and then there's the people who run across the street so we don't try to talk to them! LOL There are a couple houses we have visited that I'm not sure if they are legal (up to code), but everyone needs to hear about Jesus, amiright?? In the center of the village, there's a college, Colgate University....? If anyone has heard of them, kudos to you because I thought it was a toothpaste factory.

My companion is Sister Armstrong! She's from Heber City, Utah and was going to school in Cedar City! She's been out for a little over a year and she's great! We have like 0 things in common but I talk to her all about rugby and my life, and she shares her theater life and normal life and it all works out really well!!! We have a good time! I am learning so much and seeing miracles with people I don't even know yet! It's amazing. I love her!

We listen to these recorded talks in the car when we drive to places and the other day, Hank Smith (look him up he's amazing) gave my favorite one! He was talking about the armor of God. He said " The armor of God is SUPPOSED to be inconvenient and's not the sweatpants of Heaven, or the beanie of benevolence! It's the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith!! It's not always comfortable, but it protects us and keeps us safe." TOO TRUE HANK. This mission (my whole 5 days lol) has stretched me in ways I didn't know were possible. I came in really confident, and things ARE going well, but it's challenging! But if life was easy, that'd be too boring and we wouldn't grow! The Lord asks us to do certain things, to go on a mission, to repent, to leave behind things that are weakening us, and he GIVES us his armor to help us! It's not always easy(testify), but I know that it's always worth it. PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD PEOPLE!!!! LETS SHARE THE GOSPEL

We have been seeing a family whose dad just got out of jail (but it was for like a past DUI and he got baptized after DUI before jail) and so the mom and her kids were struggling a lot. The dad got back like 2 weeks ago and so one of their sons, 9 years old, got baptized right afterwards! The Carroll family is less active, but they all came to church yesterday to see their son get confirmed. The dad bore his testimony and it was awesome! We also had an FHE with them yesterday and watched this video called "Bearing our Burdens with Hope." This family drew parallels from this video that I didn't even see and they are truly being blessed by the message of this gospel. AHHH I love to see it. It's so so good!

Much love for you all and have a great week!!

Sister Beagley

1. The village of hamilton
2. The houses here are INSANE mom!!! They all have porches and are super old! You're dream!
3. Hamilton NY woot woot
4. The view from one of our drives!
5. This house we went to
6. A cool hotel!
7. Me and my companion!! Sister Armstrong
8. Elder Bartschi!!!! Sooo good to see a familiar face!
9. Our cute little house!


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