July 2, 2018




Sister Annie Sampson

"Even the Worldly People are Praying These Days!!"

^^ Straight wisdom from a man in a psych ward that we dropped a bible off to.

I wanted to start off by saying that if any of you have been waiting for an excuse to send me something, I have one for you: It's 97 degrees with 90% humidity and I can't find any otter pops at the store, so if you can send some, I'll write really good thank you cards back.

I learned a lot this week! The phrase "There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone" rang through my head all week.

We had a really cool experience working with Irene and Herman. We had our district leader and a french speaking member come to a lesson with us to do their interview and Irene didn't show up. The lesson went well and ended up being great, but we were worried about Irene! When we went to see her the next day she said that she didn't want to be baptized on the 7th and felt like she needed more time. SO being determined missionaries, we started a fast as soon as we got back to the car and prayed that she will have her interview the next day and be baptized on the 7th!!! We arrived at her house the next day, bellies grumbling, but determined. And she shoots us down again!!! She still wants to be baptized, has already passed the interview, but feels she wants more time for herself to prepare. We left their house and I felt so sad!! "The fast didn't work" I thought in my head! Why did I even fast?! BUT, THE LORD KNOWS BEST. We went to see Gemini who has been struggling a lot and we had talked about giving her a break earlier in the day. We ended up having the most spiritual lesson EVER and her mom gave her permission to be baptized the day before I leave Syracuse!!!!! JULY 10th MY FRIENDS. MY FAST PRAYER WAS ANSWERED. Not in the way I wanted, but am I even surprised anymore?? Nope! I love the Lord's timing and He truly knows best.

I had a super cool ah-ha moment this last week that ties into ^^^^ I had been reading over my setting apart blessing notes that I took over a year ago now and a phrase stuck out to me. My stake president blessed me to "not have any fear when I taught". At the time it didn't make any sense because I love talking and probably talk way too much and thought why would I suddenly have fear?! But as I read it, I thought about an adorable 12 year old girl we were teaching, but ran into a road block because her mom sad she couldn't get baptized. The thought the Spirit put into my mind was "Go talk to her mom again. Don't fear." YIKES. My companions (we are in a trio haha) talked me up and we headed into her house and I talked with her mom. She is letting her daughter, Gemini, get baptized on July 10th!!!!! We are thrilled. I am grateful for the Spirit giving me courage and for the priesthood power to help give me that blessing last June.

Anyway, love you all, please send cool thoughts this way!!

Sister Beagley


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