June 18, 2018




Sister Annie Sampson

~Fathers, Flags, and Flippin Miracles~

First off, I want to thank all of you who have ever prayed for the missionaries, or for ME, or for the gathering of Israel, because I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father saved up all of your prayers and DUMPED blessings on East Syracuse this whole week!!! Seriously THANK YOU!!!
Keep the prayers coming! The Lord is so involved in all we are doing it's nuts. He really is magnifying every effort we give. I'm so grateful he helps us out haha.

We have been working with Keith for the past 7 weeks (car fast Keith who is walking to his baptism because "that's what Jesus did") and we ran into a couple of small issues that he had to clear up before his baptism. Anyway, when we met with him last week he said he wanted a 'break from church' which broke our hearts, and we got really worried. Fast forward: we met with him on Tuesday of this last week and when we started asking him what was up he said "Guys, I was offered a beer and I saw you in my head telling me not to. Why is this happening?" LOL he turned it down folks. He FLEW forward this week and is getting baptized this Wednesday!! We are soooooo thrilled!! Also, so grateful the Spirit put our faces in his head in the midst of temptation.

We're still working with Gemini so pray for her & stayed tuned!

Okay one of my new favorite mission memories. We went on exchanges this week and me and Sister Sampson took Sister Poulton with us to a part member family's house! We have been teaching a mom and a son (Irene and Herman) from The Congo who have come to church almost every week since they've been in the US! BUT they only speak French and Swahili haha...we usually have a family member translate but felt prompted to bring a member! SO we brought a french speaking member with us to a lesson. Irene was so excited to talk with her haha so we jump into this lesson and the member is translating and the Spirit was seriously so strong. All of a sudden the member translates this sentence from Irene into English "I can't wait for my baptism on June 30th! I have been reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying and I know that it's true." THE HECKKKKK. Every missionaries dream. I didn't even remember we had set that date with her!! Sampson looked at me and both of us just started crying haha. It was one of the coolest experiences ever and Irene and Herman are so prepared to be baptized. They GLOW with the spirit already and the way they talk about the Book of Mormon is unreal. They have close to nothing but each time we come they give us apples and water bottles on a platter (literally a glass platter) and they are overwhelmingly kind! It's the best. I love them and I love it here. Their cute daughter came to church yesterday! Keep them in your prayers!!

June 14th was flag day and it was amazing. Our exchange trio got ice cream and found some cool flags. 10 outta 10 day

Also a quick thought on Father's. All the speakers in church were talking about their earthly fathers and they all shared a bunch of different stories and so instead of being sad because John is so far away, I thought of a bunch of fun memories too! One of my favorites was when dad came to Georgia for rugby and we had just won a super tough game and afterwards he ran up to me, hugged me, and jumped up and down with me and said "I am so proud of you!!" I think that Heavenly Father is sometimes jumping up and down with us too when we see success or when we overcome a battle. Needless to say I am extremely grateful for the Father's in my life and the support they provide to us!!
I Love you John Beagley!!!


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