June 11, 2018




Sister Annie Sampson

I Believe In The Power of Prayer!

Not a ton of time today, but here's just a few quick stories about how prayer made this week a truly great one!!

- One day this week in an attempt to ask for more specific things in my prayers, I asked for just a visible glimpse of God's love ... 10 minutes later it's a torrential downpour!! BUT, then there was the most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen right as we had a lesson with someone in the park. Prayer answered!!!

- I had seen one of my old comps pics from Syracuse and all I wanted to do was find this cool wall she took pictures by and the other day on exchanges we were driving around a sketch part of town and I look to my right and hidden behind a sketch b-ball court, there's the wall!!! We totally got out and took pics and prayed with all the basketball players. Prayer answered!

- I prayed every night this week to specifically find someone that has been searching for the gospel in their lives. Not just someone who would accept it, but someone who had been longing for the message we share. Last week, I sent home that picture of us with the Congolese woman?? YEAH so one of them found me on Facebook and told me (in broken English) she would love it if we came over. I asked for her address but she didn't reply so I assumed she got scared haha. Last night, we were up in the north side and I felt prompted to ask her for her address again over FB. She responded within the minute telling us she would love a visit. We went over and taught her and her family (9 children) and her son, Eriya, pipes up and says "The missionaries used to come over all the time and I prayed about the book of Mormon. I felt something and I have been waiting for you guys to come back so I could ask about this feeling I had!" Woahhh prayers answered!

- last one, funny one, our plumbing in our apartment STINKS and one of my comps was the lucky one who flushed it and it overflowed EVERYWHERE. Lol the maintenance man came and straight up had to hash it out with the toilet for a solid 10 minutes!😂 something got stuck and wouldn't flush anyway. We were super embarrassed and I shot up a quick prayer and a minute later he walks out, dripping sweat and says "don't flush anything but toilet paper down your toilet" LOL prayer answered.

That's it from me. Love you all!
Sister Beagley


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