March 19, 2018




MaKayla Hall

'Nother (Nor')Easter around the corner!

^ a storm or wind blowing from the northeast, especially in New England.
In case you're wondering, we've had 3 so far...also Syracuse has had almost 140" of snow this year which means we won for the most snow in New York...HA.
Also, It's cold. Haha The worst (as you know) is the wind that comes through!!! It just whisks right through you!!!! Good Ole of the stake president's here said this is the worst winter he's seen in 15 years!

In other news, this week was nuts!!! We had so many weird things happen, but at this point nothing is surprising anymore!! Here are some of the highlights!

-Our apartment has mice! (and I'm not talking about Stuart Little)

-An investigator we lost contact with in Hamilton called us and is now in Syracuse and wants to be taught! We taught her and her boyfriend and then some weird things happened so we were about to drop them... and then they both showed up to church...GET THIS they had to take the bus to get here, GET THISS they came 45 minutes early to church on the bus and the only bus that came after church was an hour later so they studied in the gym until it came....We aren't dropping them to say the least!! haha.

- It was spring break for SU and it was a GHOST TOWN. No one was home!!

-St. Patty's day was full of super drunk people wearing green and shamrock shakes at McDonalds!

-Zone Conference was great and we are officially getting smartphones on APRIL 13thhh!!!!!!

Spiritual thought for ya!
Because of the smart phones we are getting, we are refocusing on our purpose as missionaries and how our purpose doesn't change, we are just getting tools to help us fulfill our purpose!! As we refocus on our purpose, our mission President focused on the doctrine of Christ and how that's always been what we teach to people. The doctrine of Christ leads us to study the Savior's atonement. President Rogers said "The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the center of all we do, all we are, and all we teach." THIS IS TRUE. I know that my progress in life and on the mission is all because of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. I would be weak and a nobody without Him!! I would be sad, I wouldn't have hope, life would be dark. But because of Christ, life does not have to be dark! This world is full of hope because of Him!! He is truly the way to happiness in this life! I know that to be true. (WATCH THIS)

Anyway, I love you all! Keep on keepin on and remember to shoot some prayers up to Heaven!

<3<3 Sister Beagley


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