February 27, 2018




Sister Ashli Jones

Laser lights and Jamaicans

WOW. missionary work.

Our investigator Charvel, who we found on February 3rd, is getting baptized on March 3rd!! (She's Jamaican) Such a miracle. She is so ready too she just soaks it all up!! She's participating at church too which is the dream. Her catch phrase is "This is TRUE!" Yes it is! While we were going over the interview questions with her we asked "Have you ever committed a serious crime?" She says "No!...and I hope I never do! But if I were to fight, it'd be with my fists...fist fight." LOL she's hilarious! We brought some recent converts over to their house to watch a movie, Meet the Mormons, in their basement, nothing too crazy! But don't worry, he also had strobe lights and laser lights going too! It was an experience (see attached pictures) Charvel's dad, Oral also excepted a baptismal date!!! They are so cool. (see pics for her dads awesome tattoos)

Britt and Chris are doing good....praying for miracles this week much to accomplish and we have NO IDEA if it's going to work out but we have faith and a chocolate supply so things are going well!! IF YOU COULD ALL PRAY FOR BRITT THAT'D BE AMAZING THANKS.

A MIRACLE!!!!!! There is a Chick-Fil-A that just opened up about 15 minutes away...apologies in advance to my parents John and Diane and Zions Bank becauseeeeee I'll be going a lot wowwww. I cried when I tasted the chick-fil-a sauce sooooo (see pictures)

People here are just SO willing to talk to us!! They just love Jesus, all the time!! And I LOVE getting to meet people from other countries!!! It's a blast! This ward is Amazing! There are a couple of really cute families! The Larsen's feed us every week, but she's about to have a baby! The ward also is SUPER diverse! There are so many different cultures too! Cambodian, Swahili, southerners, college kids, grad students, it's crazy!!!!
This week in sacrament meeting, a Brother talked about charity. All the talks this month have been on charity and I was feeling pretty low because I have a LONG way to go on that certain attribute so in my head I was thinking "here we go again!" But this talk was special. It changed my perspective on charity and basically life. The speaker said, quoting Elder Holland "True charity, the absolutely pure, perfect love of Christ, has really been known only once in this world—in the form of Christ Himself, the living Son of the living God. As in everything, Christ is the only one who got it all right, did it all perfectly, loved the way we are all to try to love. But even though we fall short, that divine standard is there for us. It is a goal toward which we are to keep reaching, keep striving" I love this. Christ is perfect, a well known fact. The reason we are asked to possess charity, the reason we spend hours pouring our hearts out to God asking for His love, is because it brings us closer to Christ. The more we strive for charity, the more we love, the more we put aside offense and forgive others, the closer we are to our Savior and older brother. Charity is hard to have a fullness of! The only person to know what that's like is Christ. BUT we can ask Heavenly Father for help and as we do so, we will posses more love and come closer to Christ at the same time. WOW. Charity comes to us by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I love you all! God loves you by the way. <3

Sister Beagley


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