February 19, 2018




Sister Ashli Jones

New license, new money, new Christ!

WOW. This week has been unlike any other!

We had exchanges on Valentine's day with the Fayetteville Sisters!! It was a day of absolute miracles and we even got flowers from an adorable family from Uganda while we were tracting! The Lord absolutely blessed us. I love him!

We had zone conference and did a training about how the Book of Mormon answers the Questions of our soul! Zone Conf was good but not even the highlight so... MOVING ON.

Friday was definitely one of the most spiritual days I've had in my life. I woke up and had my green smoothie as usual and had a powerful study about how to love others more. We went to pick up a package of small Books of Mormon. While we were next to the post office, we felt prompted to stop by a couple of members houses. No one was home but the spirit on that street was SO strong! We knew we were needed there. It was almost eerie, but not scary! We just stood on the members porch trying to figure out where the Lord needed us to be and it was so reverent. I kid you not when I say I know there were angels with us leading us where to go! We usually are joking around and laughing but the Spirit and the weight of our calling was just lingering in the air. It was overwhelmingly peaceful. We decided to knock a couple of the doors while we waited to deliver a Book of Mormon to a headquarter referral and the spirit was again, SO strong. I felt an urgency to deliver our message and do it quickly! We knocked on this peach house (Sister Jones loves peach and sea foam) and this adorable lady from Nepal let us right in to share a message. She spoke little to no English but we showed her a picture of Christ and she said "Christian!!! I am Christian!!!" She told us to come back in the evening when her husband (who speaks English) was home. I was in tears too because that morning I had JUST read a talk about the people of Nepal and how missionaries can't yet go there to preach the gospel! The only way those people can hear of the gospel is to live somewhere else, like here... BUT WAIT.

I was feeling really grateful but the spirit was still making my heart pound telling me we were not finished there yet!! We then went to go deliver the Book of Mormon to a referral we received right down the street. We meet this incredible man named Ran and ask where he is from. NEPAL. He was in New York City on a day vacation and needed to use the bathroom and he found a church building and a member standing outside and ended up having a 45 minute conversation about the Book of Mormon! That member from the city referred Ran to us and we were able to go and teach his family about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved it! The Lord prepared our hearts to be there as well. Sister Jones and I had BOTH read different talks about the people of Nepal and how so many of them have Christian roots but only can learn about the gospel in other countries! The Lord guided us to them now that they could receive this message.

I am overwhelmed as I write about it again. I was so caught up in where I was called 11 months ago when I got my mission call. How could I not go foreign? That's all I wanted! How was I not assigned a language! That's all I wanted! The Lord knew better and it continues to humble me how much He knew I would need New York. He KNEW I was going to meet all of these incredible families from all over the world and be able to bring them something they did not know about yet and couldn't learn it where they are from!! I was humbled and will forever remember the sweet reverence the Spirit brought to us that day. It has changed my heart. I felt God's love for them so strongly and know that He loves them so much and He loves me so much AND he loves you all so much!

-In other news, we have a couple baptism dates coming up that you can all get excited about! Our friend Charvel from Jamaica is on date for March 3 and Brittany is also on date for March 3rd!!! MARCH 3RD WILL BE LEGENDARY. Also the subject line comes from Britt when we suggested this new date for baptism! She also get's her drivers license that day and starts her new job haha she thought it was perfect!

I love you all and hope you have a great week, stay warm hahahaha

Sister Beagley


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