January 22, 2018


Saratoga Springs


Sister Brittney Zimmer

Sweet is the Peace the Gospel Brings

A few words to describe my week:

-Incredibly long
-Incredibly incredible

WOW. Well let's start things off on a high note: JIM GOT BAPTIZED. It was *incredible* if you will. He was so excited. He said "All week I've been thinking, why can't it be Saturday yet!?" Same Jim, same. This man was elect. He was so prepared, we feel like we didn't even do anything! We taught him all of the lessons, some better than others, but the things he took from them only the spirit taught him! He took time off work to spend more time with his kids, he has stropped swearing, he is happier, he dresses nicer! We didn't teach him those things!!! THE SPIRIT DID. It is miraculous to see, and I feel blessed I was here to catch a glimpse of his conversion.

The baptism itself was awesome! It went smoothly, his (already assigned) home teachers were there, people brought treats, the baptismal suits fit, the spirit was there, the font filled up with warm water, everything went great! (ps I bought a new shirt on Monday to treat myself catch a sneak in the pics below) Jim picked out the songs to sing too! He picked "sweet is the peace the gospel brings" which was so fitting! When he got baptized I literally cried, what else is new? As we were telling everyone goodbye, we asked Jim if he wanted a ride home (he likes to walk) and he said "No, I could fly home tonight!"

BUT even greater than the baptism, was his confirmation!!!!!!!!! Brother Norton, our ward mission leader, gave him THE COOLEST blessing in sacrament meeting. He blessed him with the ability to understand and apply the scriptures, continued health and strength, and THEN he blessed him that by his example, his kids would also join him and become members! SO SO COOL. I know that that is true! His kids, Gabriel and Clarissa, have been reading the pamphlets and I know they felt the spirit in some lessons we had with them. After sacrament meeting, I called Jim Brother Nokes and he was so thrilled. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE.

More than anything I am just so thankful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be here, with Sister Zimmer, to witness this change in someone. This is what sharing the gospel is all about. This is what brings peace and joy into our lives!

In other news, we just found out, I am being transferred to Syracuse! I absolutely ADORE Saratoga Springs and I will miss it here more than I miss the Boise Fry Company and wearing sandals...combined! I know that Heavenly Father needed me to be here to have this experiences, to meet these people and to have these companions! I am so grateful he let me come here, and now it's time for THE CUSE!!!

I love you all! Keep on keeping on.

Sister Beagley


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