January 15, 2018


Saratoga Springs


Sister Brittney Zimmer

I feel we have done some good today!

This past week has been Incredible. What a time to be alive!!

I remember my dad telling me about when the prophet at the time that he was on his mission passed away . If I remember correctly, Johnny-boy (my dad) was out knocking on doors when someone he had never met broke the news to him about the prophet (Spencer W Kimball) passing. I felt weird sense of deja vu and empathy for my dad when I found out about President Monson's passing. I absolutely loved President Monson and his quite but powerful demeanor! It is a cool opportunity for all of us in the church to watch another prophet be called and have the chance to pray and receive a witness for ourselves.

We were able to watch President Monson's funeral services this last week and wow! What an incredible father, man, and prophet he was! I kept thinking of how blessed we are to have this knowledge of a prophet on the earth at this time. What we would do without a prophet I do not know!! So many of the simple things we teach and testify of every day are because of prophets, the restoration of the gospel, the knowledge of eternal families, the blessings of the temple!!! What a blessing this knowledge is to all of us!! I invite you all to pray and ask Heavenly Father as our new prophet is announced if he is a prophet, a man called of God! He always answers our prayers if we are sincere!

We had an incredible week with our investigator Jim as well! We taught him even more and he just soaks it up! When we followed up with the word of wisdom he confided in us that he had been drinking 6 CUPS OF COFFEE A DAY. The man didn't even flinch when we committed him to live the word of wisdom! INCREDIBLE. He gave it up cold turkey! Sister Zimmer and I were SHOCKED and asked how he did it and he said "Every morning I pray for strength!" Well duh, Sister Beagley, he prays for strength don't question it! Oh btw, he PASSED HIS BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW. Everything is in place and he is ready to go on the 20th. I'm JAZZED. Our district leader who interviewed him said "He has the testimony of a lifelong member!"

Last fun fact: We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday and my cheeks hurt from smiling by the end of sacrament meeting. God is so good!

I love you all! Stay warm, stay happy, stay sweet.
<3 Sister Beagley


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