November 20, 2017


Saratoga Springs


Sister Brittney Zimmer

Listen and Love

IDAHOANS: I hope each of you know how blessed you are to have a NEW temple, a house of the Lord in your midst!!!!! Please go, take your kids, show them the grounds, the Syringa flowers on the outside!!! Let them feel the spirit that is all around that building! Also if you have any cool experiences during the open house, dedication or after please send them to me! I am so jealous!

This week has been phenomenal! The Lord's hand is in every part of the work right now and I am so HAPPY. People are opening up because it's the Holidays and I LOVE IT. We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and Sister Zimmer and I got to do some training!! We trained for 40 minutes with 3 different sets of districts! It was so much fun. It just reconfirmed to my mind that I want to be a teacher, but NOT to teenagers. Life lessons learned in New York people! Right after zone conference, the Greenwich sisters came home with us and we went to work on our exchange!!

EXCHANGE MIRACLE: One of the girls that we took on exchanges this week has been struggling lately with home issues. We had dinner at the apartment that night (the other set went to the dinner appointment) and she told me all about these issues. I usually like to jump in and try to fix whatever is happening with people, but for some reason the spirit was telling me to listen and just love. So that's what I tried to do! I listened, and listened, and listened and just prayed for love and THE coolest thing happened. We went out to work that night and as we went and tried a couple people, we ended up teaching this lady who was going through the EXACT same thing that this dear Sister just told me about! Again, the spirit spoke to me during the lesson to back off completely and allow this sister to relate and to take over the lesson. IT was incredible. I know the Lord works in different ways and sometimes we need to just LISTEN and LOVE. We cannot solve every problem, and we aren't expected to! This week I encourage you all to listen and LOVE the people around you, they need your strength and you need theirs!

Have I ever said how much I love the gospel???? Just checking!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
<3/ Sister Beagley


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