November 6, 2017


Saratoga Springs


Sister Brittney Zimmer

Save Your Kisses!

WOW this week was long haha!

I spent the first part of the week in Albany in our trio! It was a blast and I learned a lot form those girls! For Halloween, we couldn't go tracting or OYM-ing (what were we even supposed to do haha) so we tried some people and to 'dress up' I put ,my hair in some nice Princess Leia buns! (see picture below) We had a great night and even got some candy!!

On Wednesday, we picked Sister Zimmer up at the Albany stake center and drove back home to Saratoga!!! sister ZImmer is the BEST! We laugh a lot and are having a great time! She is pretty new in the mission too, but was just an STL in Syracuse so we are figuring things out together haha!

On Friday, we had an MLC in Utica and WOW Our mission President threw down! The mission hasn't been hitting standards for a while now and we are so far away from our baptism goals in 2017 so we discussed what we can do better to help as leaders in the mission. We were basically chewed out for not being obedient, but WOW it was humbling and I think we really needed it! We committed to him to only listen to Mo-Tab for the foreseeable future!....YIKES...send prayers! (: We also raised the standards in our entire mission to help people raise their own personal standards!!

MONISE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! she passed her interview and came to church again yesterday! It is so so incredible to see someone have so much desire to do what they know the Lord wants them to do. I absolutely know that I am where the Lord needs me to be. This is my first time taking over an area and I have no CLUE what I am doing! Yesterday I was getting really frustrated because I was having a hard time planning and we were wasting time putting things in our GPS and we were soaking wet from the rain and then I realized something!! We were out of the apartment from 2-9 proselyting. We were being obedient to the rules because we KNOW that the Lord is bound to give us blessings as we are diligent. No nothing productive happened last night, but miracles will come because we were obedient and will continue to be. I love that principle. I also know that when times are rough, I will look back at picking up Monise for church and this weekend, when she gets baptized, it'll all be worth it. I love this gospel and am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be in New York!
Love <3
Sister Beagley

PS. our first Sunday together, Sister Zimmer and I taught the gospel principle lesson on the Law of Chastity...LOL we handed out Hershey kisses that said "Save your kisses!" on them!!! too good. I love this ward!!


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