October 9, 2017


Saratoga Springs


Sister Lindsay Degolyer

"Tis the Season! (Halloween)

So we are a tad bit short on time today because we just went apple picking!!! (Did you guys know apples can be chalky?? Fact.)
But here are some highlights!!
- We went on the first set of exchanges this week with the Greenwich sisters! Sister Sampson and Sister Wonnacott! It was a BLAST. I love getting to work with different sisters and learning from them and teaching them new things as well! We all have so much we can learn from one another and we also got twice as much work done in our area haha! We handed out 14 Books of Mormon in just a day! So blessed.

- A member fed Sister Sampson and I steak for dinner on Tuesday!!!!!!! (Glory on high)

- Sister Degolyer and I had to do a training at MLC and PLOT TWIST: there was an Area Authority Seventy in our midst, Elder Ence! (He's in the 5th quorum of the 70) But wait, there's more! We then got to role play a 10 minute plan of salvation lesson and guess who we got to teach?! Elder Ence and his wife. Then we did it again for our mission President. That in-ground pool comfort zone is being stretched people!!! Teaching an area 70??? Bucket list item for sure lol

-Stewarts is this ice cream place/ gas station and they had a huge sale on their half gallons this week....YIKES. If my face looks a bit rounder that's why, but also a small miracle. #uberblessed

-We were tracting the other day and someone threw a pumpkin at us....? Gotta love the Halloween season, and New Yorkers.

-This week we had stake conference and with all these conferences I felt one theme stick out to me the most, which is how the Lord can magnify us in our callings, or life in general! If we bring what we have to offer, no matter how small, he can take that and make it beautiful! Also when you use a microscope to magnify something, the image often turns out a little blurry and you have to work with the spinner dial (idk what it's called haha) to make it come into focus! The Lord can turn the knob to help magnify us, but it might take a second! Someone at conference said "I know some of you might carry a heavy load, the Lord is making more of you. Keep trying to become like Jesus, but be patient in the journey." As the Lord magnifies our efforts, we need to be patient with ourselves! If we are offering what we can, the Lord is turning the knob and helping us out, I can testify of that!

I love you all a ton! Thank you for the prayers, they keep me going! <3
-Sister Beagley


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