September 25, 2017


Saratoga Springs


Sister Lindsay Degolyer


Sooooo I'm in love with 'Toga Springs people. The ward here is phenomenal, there are people everywhere to talk to, there are so many doors to knock and streets to tract and SO MANY PEOPLE WHO NEED THE GOSPEL!!!!!

My new companion is Sister Degolyer and she's incredible!!!! She's from New Mexico, loves working out, loves brownies, loves laughing and this is actually her last transfer ))))))): She is still so motivated to go out and do the work though which I really am thankful for! Also fun fact about Sis Degolyer: she talks to EVERYONE. Like literally EVERYONE. My first day out with her was quite the experience but I'm already learning so much and seeing the miracles from sharing the gospel with every soul!! AN ANALOGY: So my comfort zone is probably the size of a nice, in-ground pool, maybe like a 10 feet deep end and 3 feet on the other end, for the children of course. Sister DG's comfort zone is, in comparison, the ENTIRE PACIFIC OCEAN. This girl is fearless. I cannot explain to you guys how much I am learning and how exhausted we are at the end of the night because we have been working so hard!! I am convinced there is no better feeling than going to sleep absolutely beat because you worked that hard.

COOL MIRACLE: So we are really wanting to build up 'Toga right now and since this is Sister DG last transfer we REALLY want to find the elect! We have been doing AT LEAST an hour of tracting and an hour of OYM-ing each day which is too fun! Yesterday, we had 5 set appointments with some potentials and I kid you not, every. single. one. of. them. cancelled! ROUGH. So we tracted for like an hour and a half in the afternoon, then more appointments cancelled and we ended up tracting again later for another hour, and then some more and I was frustrated!!! Like angry frustrated. I had just got a blessing from the Elders saying that if I asked sincerely, we would find people to teach! I asked sincerely! WHERE WERE THE PEOPLE? My comp and I decided to go try this drunk guy Bob and we were so confused why we felt we needed to see him, but we headed over that way. This guy on a bike rides past us and (get this, lol she's rubbing off on me!) I force this biker to stop so I can give him a card and we ended up having this incredible conversation with this young millennial named Ben and we have a return appointment to teach him more! Ask and ye shall receive people! ps we knelt down on the sidewalk at 8:50 at night right after to thank Heavenly Father...

FUNNY STORY: At one dinner appointment (we have one every single night, God Bless America) this kid who is about to leave on a mission said he worked at the Price Chopper bakery and me, being me, said "So do you like ice the cakes?" Which I didn't think was very funny but my comp laughed for 10 minutes and his family also laughed for 10 minutes...? So I've found my calling as a stand-up comedian at dinner appointments!

-we found 6 new investigators in 3 days
-we have 3 people on date for baptism
-we gave out 21 BOM this week
-life is incredibleeeeee and God is so good! Miracles are real. GO LOOK FOR THEM!

Sister Beagley <3


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