August 17, 2017




Sister Session

Called to Serve

We sing this song here just as much as you would expect and it's awesome! I really love it here! Seriously the MTC is like the Disneyland of the LDS church, especially with how cool the new building is. So much has happened in the past eight days! I'll just start at the beginning.

I arrived on August 9th and was pretty frazzled when I first got here. There was so much going and it was rather stressful. I went straight from my room to drop off my stuff to my first class where I met my district. Right when I arrived in the class my teacher starting speaking to me in Tagalog and I was like "Oh heck yes" in my mind. I did my best to keep up with what little I knew till I realized there were a bunch of words and phrases on the white board. As the day went on we ate breakfast did more class and ended with a huge class with all sorts of people going to different missions teaching one investigator. At one point the investigator asked how we know there is a God. One missionary stood up and recounted how he used to drink and smoke among other things and then he found this church and was changed for the better. I loved so much the next thing he said. " I know God is there because I am here".

Let's talk about my companions. I am in a trio and it is so great! Sister Mohammad is from Figi and was baptized when she was 11. She is often quiet but so funny and sarcastic when she wants to be and is serving in Cuayan. Sister Session is from Utah but her parents are both from the Philippines and met serving missions there as well. Sister Session was actually called to her father's home town in Cavite. I already had a testimony of where you called is where you are meant to be but now I am gaining a testimony of who are you called to serve with is also inspired.

Not only are they great but the sisters who arrived three weeks ago are amazing! They are always taking care of us. When we first arrived we didn't have sheets so they immediately went and got us some then made our beds! The second day we were here Sister Mohammad realized her shoes were giving her major blisters. We ran into some of these sisters and when we told them the problem Sister Anderson straight traded shoes with her! The next day the Sister Training Leaders helped her buy new shoes. I could go on and on about how service oriented and lovely these sisters are. My companions and I have a lot to live up to when we welcome in the next set of sisters in two weeks!

Now for some crazy stories

Our district was assigned to do the tours last Monday and my companions and I were the starters. Our job was to welcome the groups in and give a short intro about ourselves and the MTC. It was so great because as the groups came in the people seemed so happy to be there. The ones that had served would often tell stories to their families about their experiences here with a sense of nostalgia and excitement. We also met the family of an elder in out district! My favorite part of it all was when two little girls who appeared to be wearing future missionary badges looked at me with awe and said hi. It warmed my heart so much! Not to mention all the adorable babies.

So Sunday we went to the choir practice. We were gonna be performing at that night's devotional. We were then informed that the devotional would be unlike the others in that it was going to be broadcast to the MTC's around the world. Word got around pretty quick that an apostle would be coming and that apostle was Elder Ballard. My favorite thing that he said was that "Conversion starts with what is felt rather than what is known".

But wait there's more,

On the Tuesday devotional we were once again informed that the devotional would be broadcast. This time we were fortunate enough to here from Elder Anderson. My favorite thing he said was "Do your best and strength will be given to you." Also he totally shook my companion's hands! Unfortunately I was in the alto section and they were in the soprano section so I did not get this opportunity. It's cool though! I can just shake their hands and it's like the same thing, right?

So yeah, pretty awesome first week if you ask me. I was in the same room as two apostles and that's a first for me. This place is great. We do lots of planning and have tons of gospel discussions and get to study all the time! My kind of party.

Sister Jensen


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