January 28, 2019


La Trinidad, Philippines


Sister Porio

I just really love being a missionary

This week has been the best week since I arrived in La Trinidad! There were so many opportunities to teach and people were just particularly kind.

One instance of kindness was last Monday when we were going home. Because of how many groceries we had, we thought it best to take a taxi. Then our taxi driver didn't even make us pay when he realized we were missionaries!

We also had some opportunities to perform acts of service. We made some graham cakes for some elders in our district who had birthdays. We made one for the Daclan family as well to thank them for feeding us last Christmas. We over bought on ingredients and had enough to make one more but weren't exactly sure what to do with it. More on that later.

A little while back we got a social media referral from some sisters in the USA. They met this referral through Facebook but all they did was give us a first name and neighborhood. Through the kindness of others and lots of asking around, we finally found her on Thursday night. She was so shocked and happy to see us and and we felt the same. She has such a strong faith in God and asked us to return.

Our lesson with Patricia was so amazing! She is often busy with school so we haven't had the chance to teach her in a while but she always has questions of the soul when we do share.

Back to the extra graham cake! There is a new family in our ward. They moved in with a family in one of our areas because they were recently kicked out of their other home. Nany Jo is so nice! And she looooves missionaries. When we went to meet her it happened to be her birthday so we gave her the extra graham cake. Divine design! The sister she is living with, Mary Anne, is also so kind. She isn't a member. She expressed to us that she has a strong faith in God but still feels as though there is something missing spiritually. We taught her with Nanay Jo and the spirit was so strong, especially when Nanay Jo testified. She would have attended church with Nanay Jo, but she had to take care of her sick grandchild. She committed to attend this upcoming Sunday.

Lastly, I love our lesson with the Gamis family. They are a previously less active family that are working on returning. We have started teaching one of their relatives and they have plans to refer their neighbor to us. In our lesson, we shared about receiving light and guidance from God as we keep His commandments, 1 Nephi 17: 3,13. At the end of the lesson, Brother Gamis began to testify of how as we stray away from God, we grow spiritually weak but that through others, God calls us back. With tear filled eyes, he testified of how grateful he is that God has used church leaders, missionaries and others to strengthen them. Sister Gamis also bore a sweet testimony in tears. I love this family so much.

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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