January 13, 2019




Sister Kimzey

"I'm Philippines"

We were talking to a four-year-old and he asked what we were and we told him Americans. We asked what he was and he responded "I'm Philippines" hahahahahhahaha cute.

But yeah!

A lot of good came out of this week! It was my last zone conference. Another sister and I did a workshop on obedience. At the end, President ushered me to the stand and invited me to share my departing testimony. I was the only one, cause you know, I am the only one in the mission going home this transfer. I was so thankful for the opportunity. I love baring my testimony! It didn't feel real though, it doesn't feel like my mission is coming to a close...

While walking we saw an older woman carrying an entire jug of water up the mountain. Like the big blue ones you see in an office( that's where we got drinking water from fyi) We asked if we could carry it for her and we took is the rest of the way. We shared a quick verse after. But mostly I am just thankful got put her in our path because it stresses me out thinking of her carrying that by herself the whole way.

A little before that happened we a offered a man pass along card and he suggested we visit a nearby house. We went to the recommended home and a 20-year-old names Katherine came out. We shared a quick verse while standing. At the end of the lesson I asked her to share a spiritual experience that she has had. She talked about how her dad died unexpectedly a few years ago. Rather than lose her faith, she decided to focus on what good had come to her family despite the tragedy. She said her family grew close and her oldest brother who used to have a hard time fitting in took on a more father role. She testified that God has a plan. I testify of this too. He is in all our lives and as we grow closer to Him and learn more of Him, His presence becomes more apparent.


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