December 16, 2018




Sister Kimzey

Greatest Days in my Entire Mission

This week, I experienced one of the greatest days in my entire mission, maybe life. It all started when Sister Zander came to visit which was a blessing in and of itself. We went to a restaurant in La Trinidad and reminisced over our time together in Bauang. Then she started eyeing the entrance behind me and I felt like something was going on. Then Anthony Mazon walked in. I have been praying and hoping to see Anthony ever since I left Bauang at the end of January. Sister Zander and I found him and his family on October 22, 2017. Since that day, I had worked with them along with 6 different companions. Right after I left Anthony, Malcio and Jonalyn were baptized. Often times when we'd teach there I would feel a spirit similar to that of the temple. They were like my family of the Philippines. They were a light in the darkness. I had many trials in my first area but I could always count on them lifting me up. Anthony was always the leader, being the oldest of the siblings. He read the Book of Mormon in a matter of months when we'd first started teaching and even started it again before I'd left. I will never forget our last appointment together when at the end of the lesson I asked if there was anything they'd like to add or say and Anthony asked to share to of his favorite verses, Moroni 7: 12-13 and 2 Nephi 32:20-21.

When I first saw him I didn't really know how to react, it seemed to good to be true. We talked for a little bit about his family and life but by the end of the conversation he started talking to Sister Kimzey directly. He asked if she found and converted anyone yet and she said no. He told her to never lose hope. That he was kind of hard to convince at first because he want to know for certain before he was baptized so he read the Book of Mormon twice. Then in his words because of "timing" he was baptized in March. He testified of the peace and content he has in his life because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That he wants to share such peace with others and is therefore preparing to serve a mission of his own. He said he plans on bringing the first copy of the Book of Mormon he's ever received, the one from Sister Zander and I, into the field. He also said that he will be thankful to Sister Zander and I for the rest of his life because if we didn't find him, he wouldn't be sitting there in front of us.

Much Love,

Sister Jensen


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