December 9, 2018




Sister Kimzey

In the City

We Christmas conference this week! I usually don't like minute to win it games but just like the Grinch, my heart grew a few sizes and I actually had a good fun time!

Also we got stalked by a group of middle school age boys. At one point we tried to lose them by hiding in a furniture store near by. We were crouching behind a couch when the owner came up to us and said they were closing. The coast seemed to be clear so we went around the corner and may or may not have hid in someone's backyard. Then they jumped around the corner and started following us again! We tried talking to people as we walked per the usual but they would sit down and make fun of us like each time. We kept walking and to add fuel to the flames I accidentally tripped and fell all the way to the ground. They laughed and laughed some more. Finally we went into a grocery store and that seemed to lose them. I have been stalked multiple times in my mission but this time was for sure my least favorite.

We continue to see miracles here and there are so many good people. However, I have never met so many people set on arguing with us and disproving our beliefs. While walking we met a brother and offered him a pass along card. He took a look at it and said "Oh I know who you are." He said he'd taken the discussions. He asked why we were here. I testified to him of the hope and peace of the gospel. He told us some of his beliefs. He told us he knows the Book of Mormon isn't true because, according to him, it doesn't support the Bible. I asked if he'd read it in it's entirety and asked if it was true. He said no, but he'd read part and had missionaries explain some things to him. I said I have read it and asked if it was true. I came know the Book of Mormon is true by the Holy Spirit. Because of my witness from the Holy Ghost he can't deny my testimony and neither can I.

Much love!
Sister Jensen


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