December 2, 2018




Sister Kimzey

That La Trinidad Life

First of all, here is a quote from a transgender sister we taught this week " You two are like beauty queens, beauty queens of Jesus Christ."

And now the other stuff

While walking and talking about how much we wanted donuts, a member of the bishopric and his wife happened to be driving the same direction and offered us a ride. And they also happened to be coming from a donut store and gave us some!

While walking, again, but on a different day, we walked passed a sister standing outside her house and asked to share. She agreed but right at the start began questioning us. This sister pointed out that Joseph Smith's name is not mentioned in the Bible. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and how through the Book of Mormon she could come to know Joseph is a true prophet and this is Christ's church. We offered her a Book of Mormon to keep but she refused saying the Bible is enough for her. A day or two later I decided to focus on the Book of Mormon during personal study. I thought for second about my favorite verse and realized I am not exactly sure what that is at this point. I decided to look through and identify one. This proved to be a difficult task because the Book of Mormon is full of amazing verses! My heart was filled with the spirit as I reviewed the beautiful prophetic counsel found in this holy book. I considered a lot of verses but my favorites came down to Mormon 9:27, Moroni 7:40-41 and Alma 18:32. It makes me so sad that that sister as well as others refuse to open the Book of Mormon. It is a gift from God and will only bless us and we learn and apply its teachings.

Pero opo, Sister Kimzey and I have been experiencing many tender mercies, each of which I am grateful. I think the reason that the blessings are flowing is because of obedience. I can always improve, but I have made an effort to be obedient my entire mission and I have seen blessings as a result my entire mission and now she is seeing that too. All God wants to do is bless us but to do so, we have to follow His law, do things His way. In my study of the Doctrine and Covenants recently the Lord has been instructing the saints to build a temple but emphasizes it must be done His way or it is not of Him. Of course the same principle applies to missionary work. His work, His way. Sister Kimzey told me a story she heard about a obedient elder in the US who obtained 11 baptisms in an area where 2 or 3 is more common. He told his mission president his way worked, to see all the success he had despite not following the rules. His President then went on to say "Elder, if you had done it the Lord's way, those 11 baptisms could have been 50 baptisms". I know God has a plan for me and all His children. I know He loves us. I know things have to be done His way if we want to become as He is.

Sister Jensen


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