November 25, 2018




Sister Kimzey

Fog and Smog

This place is fantastic! It's like the San Francisco of the Philippines! I mean I've never actually been to San Francisco, but based off of my Full House knowledge, that's a pretty accurate description.

It is so cold here! Mostly in the morning. By the afternoon the weather is perfect. Kind of like a Las Vegas Winter.

I also love Sister Kimzey. She is so willing to work and learn and I am very impressed with how good her Tagalog is, considering how young she is in the mission. And we get each other's pop culture references, which is a major win.

I am really really excited for Christmas. I have always been one who gets into the Christmas spirit but I am really feeling it this year, so we have decided to channel our Christmas excitement into missionary work. As a part of finding, we have been offering to share a Christmas message to people which sometimes includes a Christmas hymn and usually a verse about Jesus Christ.

We got Good Samaritan-ed on Saturday. While exploring the area it started to rain and I'd forgotten to bring my umbrella. Luckily it wasn't raining too hard but it still wasn't pleasant. We stopped to talk to a sister at a tindahan about a member we were looking for. After chatting we asked to leave a pamphlet and then rather than us asking to share, she invited us is! We shared a verse and before leaving she offered us water and invited us to come back any time.

Till Next Week,
Sister Jensen


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