November 11, 2018




Sister Manu

I Feel My Savior's Love

What's the best part about serving a mission? Is it the progression you see in yourself and others? Is it the deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, His Atonement and His Gospel? Yes and yes. But most recently my favorite part about being a missionary is feeling God's love through me for His children.

This totally happened with Sister Florlinda. She is currently taking lessons from us as well as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Her biggest concern is whether Jehovah is Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father. We told her he is Jesus Christ but she was still confused. At first I was kind of frustrated that she wasn't internalizing what we were saying then that frustration was replaced with love. She really does genuinely want to know the truth, she's just having a hard time understanding.

It occurred again later that day as we taught Brother Edsel and Sister Nene. Edsel told us he has been having a hard time controlling his anger he said and he is getting discouraged because of it. He said he is trying so hard but his anger still seems to be getting the best of him at times. Brother Edsel is one of the nicest people I know. He has only ever been kind to us. I applauded him on his desire to improve but told him to consider the strengths he has and the good person that he is. I felt a lot of love at that moment because Satan often makes me discouraged over my weaknesses too. I told him to never give up, we are meant to improve a little at a time. I also testified of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ atoned for us it wasn't just for our sins, for our weaknesses too and our pains. Because Jesus Christ completed the Atonement and overcame all, so can we as we turn to him. Besides that, Brother Edsel and Sister Nene are doing really well. They got married last Thursday and both passed their baptismal interview on Sunday. They will be getting baptized together this Saturday, November 17.

I met a super sweet sister on the bus back from the STL/zone leader meeting on Sunday. The bus was pretty full so I ended up sitting by a sister I didn't know. We started talking and I am so happy we did because she's amazing! Her name is Hazel and she's 20. She lives in Bauang. We talked about how fantastic the Bible is and exchanged our favorite verses. I got her contact information and the elders in Bauang will be visiting her. We also text each other sometimes and talk about family and say "God bless" and and stuff.

About a month ago I was on exchanges with Sister Cocker. While walking, some kids ran up to us and told us there was a birthday party near by, which means spaghetti and I am all about that. We walked passed and saw it as a finding opportunity. One of the sisters, Ruby, ushered us in. She told us that she and her son were taught by missionaries in the past, and she asked if we could start teaching twice a week like they did. We were more than happy to get her information and return. We taught a few times after and last Saturday sister Ruby asked about baptism and what was against the rules if she joined our church. We told her we would explain in future lessons and extended a baptismal invitation for December 22 and they accepted. Her son Christian attended church the next day. They are so potential!

Brother Elmar is also doing well. He agreed to follow the Word of Wisdom but said he hasn't drunk alcohol in about a month anyway because of a medical condition. The only question is whether we should recommended him getting baptized sooner than December 22, his set date, because he is so prepared.

Overall am so happy to be here. Our companionship is fantastic. The members and people we teach continue to be amazing. Don't tell Lingast or Bauang, but I think this might be my favorite area.

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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