September 23, 2018




Sister Balajadia

I Believe that Children Are Our Future

magandang umaga sa inyo lahat

We had a really great lesson with Sister Ting. We started about by teaching on the history of the Book of Mormon but by the end of the lesson the spirit directed us to a discussion on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She expressed that her life is more difficult than it has ever been at this time. I testified to her the greatest thing I have learned my entire mission: We never have to lose hope because of Jesus Christ. He overcame everything when he atoned for us. Every pain, weakness, sin and even death. Because he overcame all, so can we. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, it may take months or years but we are promised that as we grow closer to him and strive to become like him, we can overcome. That's why we will always have hope.

I was talking to Sister Seymore about the typhoon. She acknowledged that it honestly should have been way worse. Thank you so much for your prayers. Because of the faith coming from people all around the world, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

On a lighter note, we went to an FHE this week and it was crazy. People here really really don't see white people like ever. I was talking to a group of little girls and when I shook their hand they grabbed my arm and starting comparing arm color. As we were talking I asked them to guess my age "65!" "no 35!" No comment.


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