September 4, 2018




Sister Prado

Merry Christmas!

It's September so time to get out the Christmas music and decorations! Or is that just a Filipino thing? Plus this week left me feeling so happy, it might as well be Christmas.

So remember Clamel and Stephanie? They got married around three weeks ago and Clamel was scheduled to be baptized on August 24. Unfortunately, an emergency happened and he had to go out of town spur of the moment. This meant he'd be getting baptized next week and I'd be in a new area by that point. I was really sad about this. This family and I have been working together since March. Clamel gave up smoking and got married in no small part because of his desire to get baptized. They were just as sad as I was when we realized I wouldn't be there

A few days later after transferring to Bangued I was back in Lingsat for a meeting. During the meeting President goes "Can we speed this up? I got a baptism to get to." Then he and Sister Bangal make eye contact with me knowing full well that I knew full well the baptism they were referring to was Clamel's. After the meeting he approached me and without me even asking gave me permission to attend the baptism and travel back to Bangued the next morning as opposed to that night. I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HOW RARE IT IS TO LET A MISSIONARY ATTEND A BAPTISM AFTER TRANSFERRING TO A NEW AREA.

Witnessing the baptism of Clamel Gallego will forever be a highlight of my entire mission. He was so elated as he came out of the water. His testimony was beautiful. He has testified many times during the lessons, but never like that. He spoke of how a was drawn to the church because of the example of his friend and coworker, the stake President, President Jundos (he is also the one who baptized him) Clamel was crying and so was Stephanie as he testified of how grateful he was to have grown closer to the Lord. I'm so lucky to know the Gallego family and am so excited for the day when they are sealed as a family for time and all eternity.

Now let's talk a bit about he new area! It's so amazing it's almost unreal. The members were almost running to the pulpit to get the chance to bare their testimony on Sunday. They are also really involved in missionary work. Bangued as a place is also breathtaking. I am so excited and thankful to be here:)

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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