August 26, 2018




Sister Prado

Bangued Bound

After spending both my 6 month and 1 year mark in Lingsat, I will now be transferring to the top of the mission, Bangued. I will also become a Sister Training Leader which is really crazy.

Speaking of crazy, this week was insane!!!

Lynn Soriano got baptized! Barely! When she arrived we realized that almost all of the adult sizes of baptismal clothes were being lent to other wards.Everything we could find didn't fit. Then we asked her to try one on again that she'd already tried. We said a prayer and it totally fit. Miracles!

The baptism was beautiful. Lynn shared an experience about how the day before her son was having a seizure from the afternoon into the night. All she wanted was for him to be able to sleep. She said a prayer pleading for help from God and one second after the prayer, he fell asleep and slept till morning.

Maricel was one of the speakers, I was so so proud of her. When she took the missionary discussions herself she was always so shy to read out loud from the Book of Mormon and would often just read quietly to herself when we gave her a verse. The first time I ever read out loud was as we taught Lynn a few months ago. She stumbled and stuttered a lot but read the whole thing. I couldn't believe it as she clearly read a verse of scripture from 2 Nephi 31 and bore her testimony of baptism on Friday. She has come so far. Maricel has also taken one of our investigators, Christal under her wing and is doing a lot to help her come unto Christ.

Much Love,
Sister Jensen


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