August 19, 2018


Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union


Sister Prado

The Master's Touch

There was an auction. The item being bid on was a worn down and beat up violin. The bidders were offering prices as low as $1, $2, $3. Then a man went up to the front, tuned the violin and began to play the most beautiful music the bidders had ever heard. The man was not only a famed musician, but the one who had constructed the violin. After that the prices went up to $1,000, $2,000, $3,000.

President Bangal shared this story at state conference and it really impacted me. He explained that God sees us for who we can become, not who we are. He perfectly knows our potential. If we are humble and obedient, we will qualify as an instrument in His hands and reach that potential. Not all at once, but over time and through the grace of Jesus Christ. No matter how broken the world has left us, the Creator possesses the capacity to help us make music.

There were also really good messages shared on the Book of Mormon. Sister Teh, the wife of Elder Teh, mentioned how there have been three additional temples announced in the Philippines that have been delayed in construction. She testified that God has the power to make anything possible which means the real reason there is a delay is because of lack of faith and action from the members. She promised that if everyone would study the Book of Mormon everyday, it would have a direct impact on the construction of temples.

On a less spiritual note, on Saturday morning as we were walking home from an appointment that had been canceled, we ran into Clamel and Stephanie Gallego who were on their way to their wedding. They rolled down the window and said "are you coming?" "We're invited?" "Yes, at 10:00am"! What a tender mercy that we ran into them! What an even more tender mercy that President let us attend! It was so fun! I got to say the opening prayer and Clamel gave us an honorary mention! I remember our first lesson with them last March when we found out they weren't married and my heart sunk a little bit. I wish I could go back to that day and tell myself about what would come.

On an even less spiritual note, the craziest thing happened at the weeding

"The Story of the Creepy Judge: Based on a true story inspired by actual events"
During the ceremony at the municipality, the judge kept stopping the procession to say things to me!
It started when he asked if he should proceed in Illicano, Tagalog or English. Then he goes "I see a foreigner."
I frantically scanned the room for foreigners to no avail.
He goes "Yes you, we'll speak English for the foreigner".
He went on saying normal wedding stuff and stopped "Foreigner, are you hungry?"
"I'm okay"
"I have burgers in my room with a sign above it that says for foreigners"
He moves on to talking about the rings.
"Miss-what's her name?"
People respond "Miss Jensen!"
Then Stephanie goes
"Sister Jensen".
Judge "Sister Jensen this ring on my finger is from my mom, I'm actually single".
Continues to talking about the husband giving his salary to his wife "I of course don't have a wife, Sister Jensen, you know, cause I'm single".
So yeah, I'm like 78% sure it was all a joke. Besides, I already have my eyes set on a drunk guy who recommended we get married because the Mormon chapel is just down the street so the judge definitely has some competition.

Till next time,
Sister Jensen


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